This Protein Destroys Memory and Brain Function!

 Most of us already know that inflammation, free radicals, and stress are common causes of memory problems. But there’s another common cause that few regular folks know about. It’s a little-known protein called tau. Tau is found inside your brain cells. It blocks oxygen and vital nutrients from getting into your brain cells. By doing so, it causes brain cells to die off. Over time, it can rob you of your memory, thinking, speech, and other mental abilities. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution. An extra study shows that now you can now protect against tau tangles, and reverse the mental decline, by taking a combination of 4 simple nutrients. What are these 4 nutrients? They are:

* Ginkgo-biloba

 * Vinpocetine

* Acetyl-L-carnitine

* Phosphatidylserine

. You may have heard about these nutrients. They have shown each of them to boost memory and brain health. But when taken together, they are even more powerful. They can block tau tangles and give your brain more protection than the sum of the individual nutrients.

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