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This is for Kim's this week's colour challenge – purple

This is a royal purple bougainvillea among the several other colours that adorn our garden. Bougainvillea normally show up immediately after the monsoon season but this year it has been different. 

Not only did nature play her game in delaying the flowering season the deep pruning that our gardener did further aggravated it. The image that is seen here is last year’s bloom.  I see very few bougainvillea blooming as of now but they will in a few days’ time. 

Bougainvillea though thorny can add colour to any garden with least maintenance. 

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  1. I have never seen these gorgeous blooms before. Of course here in Canada the weather is still too cold to cool for any flowers. Even the trees are very slow in growing their leaves back. But soon enough we will see the lilac trees in full bloom of lilac to purple and some of them are just plain white.


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