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Things that is essential for guaranteed healthy life

Calcium use is essential for healthy life, doctors tell four important things to live healthy. Doctors tell four important things for calcium deficiency in body and to maintain healthy life.

Nutrition-rich almonds, which contain phosphorus, folic acid and magnesium, which is very useful for calcium in the human body.

Ginger is used especially in the winter. It also provides rich energy as well as calcium nutrition, Kinnow also contains vitamin C with calcium and it is a good fruit to get calcium.

Sesame seeds or oil use is extremely useful for high blood pressure patients and is also capable of preventing many types of cancer.

  • Do you like almond ?

    • Yes I love almond
    • No because I don’t know the benefits of it
  • Do you use ginger in routine ?

    • Yes but occasionally
    • No never even tasted
  • Have you ever experienced sesame seeds ?

    • Yes
    • No

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