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Climate change or global warming is something no one wants to really discuss. It has become such a taboo subject; It is even now on a par with two other, “pet-hate” topics, religion discussions and politics, which are in many circles best to be shunned like the plague. 

The truth of the matter is clear for all to see, in the video clip. For these 100,000 men women and children, it is already too late. There are people living now, possibly reading this article, who will see the disappearance of this country. Sadly, all I can do is share my information. Tell these people that global warming is a myth.


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  1. Climate is always changing. Sometimes it gets warmer, sometimes it gets colder. It has almost nothing to do with human activity. It was substantially warmer during the period between 900 and 1200 AD than it is now.

    The motivation for climate change alarmism has nothing to do with the actual climate. In 2010 the head of the UN IPCC, the group there that is supposedly concerned with climate change, admitted that it is really about the redistribution of wealth. Here’s the link:

    It’s also interesting to note that both Al Gore and the Obamas have bought huge, expensive mansions located on the oceanfronts they claim will be under water in a few years.

    • So, you don’t believe global warming is real, well that’s so good to hear, we can all just relax again, thank you Milica. You are not alone in your belief just like the time of the great flood in Noah’s day there are many that believe religion was created by people for fun and is fake too.

  2. The reality of climate change continues to evolve.

    1. the oceans are rising. People say so…275 million people will lose their homes in the next 10 years at the current rate of rising water (UN Climate Change report)
    2. The thing people forget, is, if the climate changes the reality of where farmers can succeed the human race is in big trouble.

  3. I live in the South Pacific and I have known about climate change for years.

    In New Zealand at summer time there has been an Ozone hole that sits over New Zealand and Australia. It doesn’t matter if you are a darker colour of skin, anyone too long in the sun is at risk of getting Melanoma a very nasty skin cancer and it kills.
    I go and get a mole map every year to check for that because early detection is the best way to survive any type of cancer.

    However we have some people near Rarotonga and Tukalo, and soon their islands will disappear. Some of New Zealand’s coastal beaches are under threat even by lakes..

    Every year we are losing our glacier more and more in the south island, plus the ice shelf on Antartica is melting.

    Now Auckland has had 3 dry summers in a row, and the temperatures are up plus over 90% humidity.

    I would say that the evidence to me, is chrystal clear. Global warming is occurring.

    Yet would you believe that some people especially fundamentalists of various religious actually don’t believe about climate change at all…

    I suppose there are always people who have to be told what to think even if the ugly truth is staring them in the face.

    However, I do believe there is always hope and together people can turn that around by doing something practical about it ..Not just talk about it.

  4. The Earth has been hotter and colder than it is now. The fact that human pollution is interfering in the climate of the Earth, is real. Think of when England was covered in blinding fog, or the Smog in Los Angeles, due to human pollution.

    Think of how the ‘hole’ in the atmosphere was caused by aresols and how banning a particular chemical is causing that hole to close.

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