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They are back

It is months that we did not see peacocks in our garden. They have been regular visitors.  But yesterday they there were – two of them – gingerly strolling.  I could not capture them in my camera.

The photo that you see was clicked a long time ago.  This peacock is comfortably strolling on the ledge of our roof.  When they visit us they are seen all over the place – on top of our roof,  on trees, on top of our water tank, strolling in the garden and even quenching their thirst visiting the bir bath, 

I hope they will get back as usual literally making our garden, their home. 

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  1. I have never seen a peacock in person as there are none here in Canada. We have ducks, bluejays, cardinals, eagles etc and the lonesome wild Turkey. But our swans are just as magnificent as any other birds… plus our Canadian geese are gorgeous to see either on the ground or in full flight in V formation. But please post some more pictures of your peacocks if you can. They have a regal walk and allure…

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