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There Is a New Bug, Pay Attention…!!! (Kim's and Fortune's Posts Mixed Up!)

I started opening posts from the Latest (besides opening Polls and Quizzes) and bumped into Kim’s post “Winter ~ Themes by the Month” with a cat on the cover. I was intrigued because she always posts Quizzes so I went to see the post but Fortune’s today’s post with the same name was opened instead! I tried to open it from Kim’s Profile but the same happened…!

The bug is probably because of the same name of the posts so maybe if Kim or Fortune changed the name of their posts a little we’ll be able to open Kim’s post too…

Now I wrote the admin a message about it and hope such things will be fixed…!!! πŸ™

Updates: Seems the bug appeared before the site changes… 

Fortune also now changed the name of her article… And today I was able to open Kim’s post so it helped…! πŸ™‚

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  1. I had a problem with my old account first – I couldn’t post. I created a new one with the hope that everything would be OK! Then, when they changed the site, they confused me with a post. I thought – something in the indexing was damaged … Now I have a problem again and I can’t post!
    Still the same problem as with the old account! The Woedpress menu reappears!

    • Yes, I noticed when you posted something like that…
      Wow, that seems like another thing completely…! Have you tried contacting the admins, write them a PM about it if you have problems, that sounds like a huge issue to me… :/(

    • You are very welcome, glad to help!… πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ Really???!!! Didn’t know that nor have noticed… I did notice some other things with posts though but now I actually remember it could be I noticed it once or twice very long time ago… :/

  2. I have not noticed any mix-up but I know to be very careful when I make quizzes. I went to edit two of my quizzes and on one quiz I remembered that I had fixed it just right so after publishing it had gotten mixed up again and I did not know this until people told me who took the quiz. I felt bad about it because I share mine to Twitter and thought that people found me very unprofessional to post such bad quizzes.

    • Yes, I know such things happen with quizzes, that is kinda a “usual thing” happening here, but this was something else… You shouldn’t worry that much but I know how you felt because I like to be professional too… πŸ™‚

  3. My quizzes generally have the same name: General Quiz
    I don’t know if anyone can open it because of that title.
    Mostly I have reviews between 50-100.
    These people opened my quiz.
    And if anyone isn’t, I don’t know that.

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