There is a button, once pressed, your kid will have a perfect life… Will you press it?

I saw a variety show which people debates on topics… usually the topics are bizzard or mind-provoking.

And this question popped out – If there is a button, if you pressed it, your newborn child will have a customised perfect life … would you press it?

  • Press?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?


Written by alibb

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    • Hmm… we don’t know how to define a perfect life… I assume its the ability to achieve everything you want… I don’t know why it’s targeted to a newborn only… The question was debated in the show… but my thoughts is that it might be asking “how far will you want to control you child’s life?” and “educating style”.

      On the other hand, I was thinking, maybe a perfect life do need some foundation in the early years? lol

  1. My soul would press the button, because I think all people dream to have a happy lucky life, and wish it for their children, but my brain would not press it because a child (and also when he/she grows up) will never value the ideal life, the perfect life can be too dull! Life should consist of achieving the goals, sometimes winning, sometimes losing. The more victories the better but failures also can occur and they teach us something…

    • Hmm… I agree with your point and I did get to that conclusion too… but since his life is perfect, could it be rid of boredom? Will it be filled with happiness? What if its so perfect he did not need to learn from failures?

      Lol, of course these are just hypothetical. But just fun to think about :p

          • Hahahaha what is better to be ordinary or to be perfect surrounded by idiots? Where happiness lies? Why God created people like this? We are all so different! Besides love and friendship does not depend on talents and success. We simply love a person or not.


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