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Theory of green grapes

I once read Lafontain’s tale about a fox who was very keen on grapes but couldn’t reach them. And then he decided to comfort himself by saying, “Those grapes are so green, so I don’t want them at all.”

We had a nice laugh with my mom about this fox trick. But over time, it has become the trick for both of us: when life went awry and didn’t get something we were craving, we said: “those grapes were green anyway, and I don’t need them.”

You found a dream dress, but your size was just bought by another fox, well, the grapes were green …

You so dreamed about that job, but it went to that creepy fox, well, let’s make it as a blessing, you’ll get even better, you never know when you lose, when you discover.

Self-deception, I know. But for me, the theory of green grapes has helped a lot in my life and still helps. It is easier when you realize – you do not want those green grapes, you do not want them at all. All remorse and self-pity evaporate instantly.

And this method of self-deception helps me make the right decisions, at least for me.

And every time life does not give you something or shows you some obscene snail of a three-finger combination, don’t despair, just remember the leafy theory of green grapes.

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