The Works of the Lord’s Hand are Pure and Unfailing

When Faith is given to us freely, it comes along with many blessings. The Faith remains unshaken and the works of the Lord’s pure hand begin. His works are pure and unfailing because He Himself is pure and faithful.

He is the one and only one Son of the Most High God who is seated on the right hand side of God our Father. God who is the author of peace and not confusion gives us this purity through Our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is He who manifests His unfailing works in our life. Not only in our life, but in the life of all those who are close to us, even our enemies who try to defeat us. Since Jesus Christ is the undefeated and victorious one, He can easily without any doubt defeat the enemies. Even then, He prepares a table before our enemies so that they shall also be found worshiping and praising the Most High God.

The Faith given by  Christ is immeasurable. We can do immense miracles with the unshaken Faith. It actually has no limits of what can be done. It can build broken relationships, it can generate prosperity, social life and MUCH MORE. This MUCH MORE again has no limitations.

The work’s of His hand are seen by nations. Due to this, we learn to depend only upon the will of God. His will is Mercy only and no sacrifice at all. When God is so merciful that He gave His own beloved son as a sacrifice, we can imagine of His love for us. He did this because He trusted Jesus Christ and He loved us.

When the purity of Jesus Christ was given as a pure sacrifice, there is nothing pure than Him. So, the work’s of His hand remains pure forever. Whatever is pure never fails. Thus, we find the work’s of the Lord’s hand as the greatest miracle on earth.

Now, since Christ is alive, we can do MUCH MORE miracles in His name through the power of His righteous right hand. This also means those who are righteous are pure and unfailing. When we become His righteous sons and daughters through our Lord Jesus Christ, the work’s of our hand are also pure and unfailing.

Let’s receive this message wholeheartedly and say “Amen”.

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