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The Virily Team’s Answer about Discussing Virily Issues + Update on the Latest Posts List

Hi all.

There was recently a discussion, actually a post one member made in order to help other users where she named my and Doc’s posts and polls about the Virily issues in one place and I and many other users thought it was great and a great idea, so I thanked her. She wanted to help and joined “our team” of the people who write about the issues…

But, one other member commented how we “should be careful in participating in some of those things and that she was specifically told by the stuff not to discuss issues”….. This was not logical to me because, first, why would theyΒ even publish our posts and polls about the issues and put them in the Featured posts list if it was forbidden, second, why wouldn’t they inform US who write about such things if it was forbidden, and also because of my previous discussions with that member, so I decided to check that with the admins, I wrote them via Support and today thankfully I’ve got their reply, here is the whole communication…!:

(Their answer written above my message:) “It is not true, you are free to discuss anything πŸ™‚

On Sat, Jun 23, 2018 at 11:45 PM tasartcraft <> wrote:

From: tasartcraft

Subject: Writing Polls About Virily Issues

Message Body:

Hi, I and one other member (Doc Andersen) often write posts and polls about the Virily issues and now Carol published a post (poll) with all our polls (links) in one place to help other members be informed about the issues… One other member, Bee Diligent (former Trenna Sue), commented on Carol’s post that the Virily stuff told her not to discuss about the issues, actually she said this: “You have to be careful about participating in some of these. I was specifically told by staff to not discuss issues.”, so I wanted to ask is that true, in order to know how to behave in the future, because I don’t understand why are then our posts and polls about the issues approved or even put in the Featured posts list if it is forbidden to write about such things… This is the link to that post: Helping Each Other on Virily and comment.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,


After that, I again asked: “OK, thank you so very much for your answer and support!!!!! So you are sure people can participate in all the posts and polls and discuss Virily issues…? :)) I just don’t understand why she said that, maybe it was about something else but she understood it the wrong way…? Can I copy and paste this (your) answer in the article where I will write about this…?”

Their answer: “Yes, of course you can.”

Me: “OK, thank you very much again :)”

Note: The point of this check was to have the right information…

Latest Posts List:

When it comes to the Latest posts list, as you maybe already noticed, all the posts from all the users are now there again…

  • Do you have any other questions about Virily…? πŸ˜‰

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  1. Tas, you should of known it was BS, like you said these get published, and they wouldn’t publish if you were causing a problem with them. They would also contact you if you posted anything subjective and warn you. I was wondering who that bee person was,,, all makes sense now…

    • Thank you very much Kim, it means a lot! I just thought maybe some other people will believe what she said so I wanted to check and be sure, and even more because there were a few, lets say, “doubting” comments, and no one else didn’t respond, some minded that discussion, so I felt bad, like I’m the only bad one… Also, it turned out later (which was also one of my thoughts) that seems that she was told that for herself, but I don’t understand why warning everyone else with the advice she gave… Doesn’t matter now, but thank you for understanding and support! What did you mean by “all makes sense now”, you are familiar with the behavior or way of thinking…..? :/

          • I can’t speak for what happens on other accounts, but generally my account only displays the total for the current month, not my full balance so my payout is often deferred or delayed

            Guess the fix is to always make more than the minimum for payout each month…

        • It is probably the same on all dashboards, they don’t update one by one for sure…!
          We already spoke about this and it is usually not updated in all its parts and it’s like that on all dashboards – balance for the previous month is updated later in the month, therefore, all the other numbers too and all payments are at the end of the month…

        • No that is not what I asked you, I asked if you gathered the minimum during the previous month(s) because if you have you should have been paid THIS month for the gathered minimum of $10 during the previous months… If you are already paid in the previous month that was for the months previous of that one, so now you probably haven’t reached $10 during the previous month again to be paid this month…

          • How would I get paid last month without earning the minimum for payout last month? Think before you type

            I made more than the minimum last month and this month. I am due payment and will publish when that has happened

        • I do think and KNOW what I type but you don’t, especially that you don’t read (again) what I write! You have to make a minimum DURING THIS MONTH in order to get paid THE NEXT MONTH —–ONLY—– WHAT YOU EARNED DURING THE PREVIOUS MONTH

        • If you were paid in the previous month (like you said), you got ONLY the sum you earned in the months before that one (like I already explained but you again don’t read…!). The same rule applies for each payment… It is a pattern and if you get it you will understand each payment. This month you would be paid only what you gathered till the end of the previous month (if it reached the minimum at all)!

        • Translation…..!: If the sum which is written under “UNPAID” (Total Unpaid Earnings = UNPAID + This Month) is more than $10 you should have received it this month (the sum under “This Month” is not paid this month, because this month’s earnings are paid only the Next Month IF they reach the minimum…!), if not then your earnings from the Unpaid and This Month are summing up and being paid The Next Month IF they again reach the minimum $10. That happens every month until you finally reach $10 and get them The Next Month!

        • I read your answer again, and you didn’t understand me… I asked about the minimum – DURING – THE PREVIOUS MONTH…! – is your earning for May more than $10 – that was my question..! Because I don’t know if you calculated your earning like this: May + JUNE, which is the wrong way, that is why I’m asking…! You should now be paid only if you collected more than $10 in May, and if I understood well what you now wrote you did…

          • You originally said I would get paid this month if I got paid last month. Now it sound like you’re saying I needed a ten dollar balance last month to get a cashout this month

            Two COMPLETELY different things

        • No, it is not what I said at least not meant… Like I said, maybe you understood it the wrong way, but everything I said is the same thing (and I can’t be clear more than I already was… I literally drawn you everything), I was just repeating now what I already said the previous 2 times…:
          – If you are paid last month – it is for the month(s) before that one,
          – and if you gathered $10 during that same month when you’ve got your payment (for the previous month(s)) you will get those $10 the next month – and that is what I asked you, if you gathered that $10 during that month…..

        • Hahahahahaha I really don’t know what to say… I have no words anymore, speechless…..! No wonder you are asking for a payment when it’s not the time for it… I even named Months in my previous replies and you still don’t understand!!!!! I never had to explain such things to anyone here, not in 10 messages, but not even in 2!…

          Let me explain it “this” way (5th time the same…!)…:
          – If you got the payment in June it is for your May (+other previous months before May, depending on how much time it took for you to collect $10) earnings,
          – and in July you get what you gathered in June (if you gathered more than $10 DURING June)

          OR – when it comes to your June payment…..:::::
          – If you were paid in May (for the months before May) and you said you have,
          – then you will receive your payment in June if you gathered (more than) $10 ONLY DURING May – because you are already paid for months before May, and my question was did you gather minimum $10 IN MAY! Because June earnings you can get only in July!

          Or it is again not clear…..

        • Hahahahahhahahahaah, I’m sorry, I have to do this..!!!!!:
          (since I don’t know how many months took you to earn for your May payment which you claim you received I will write it like this…:)
          If (January + February+ March +) April earnings = (you’ve got in your) May payment:
          – Which earnings you should have got in June…?!?!?! :”DDDDD
          – Therefore my question was —– how much you have earned in that month to check if you actually gathered $10 to even be paid in June…

        • Yes, it happens…..:/ I was used to it, but now I maybe mind it again because it sometimes looks confusing to me too… Like now for example… The dashboard is updated in full except in the Balance, so it is not yet calculated within the Total, that number is not added up.

        • Yes, I agree with you on that…! I must say I was just thrilled when I saw it was updating every day, it was very nice for a change, hah!… :D, but then it went back to the same old not-updating, pfffffff!….. 😐

        • I know… I just get thrilled and optimistic when I see it updated every day and hope it will last…
          Now I have a member bugging me for the same thing as you… He doesn’t understand this, what happens every month so he constantly claims his ernings drop every month. He repeats the same thing all the time for months convinced admins are “playing a game” with his earnings and that they don’t want to pay him, while I’m trying to explain him that it is just the way the dashboard works, but he doesn’t believe that and obviously have the same problem as you when it comes to maths… πŸ˜‰

        • …at least similar….. You understand it a little better… πŸ˜‰
          Now I’m asking myself if it is something else he talks about because he says is writing down all his earnings because of that, but I see he doesn’t understand how it calculates earnings

        • I agree it is not that clear (for some people…), but when I was doubting and questioning I asked and 1 answer from a member what was missing on the dashboard was enough for me to understand and know how to calculate what previously confused me, but seems some people no matter how you explain them doubt that (not talking about you), and my only conclusion is that they don’t know how to calculate and even don’t know at all how to interpret the dashboard even though they claim the opposite… I see he is complaining about his earnings “drop” every month, he even “knows when exactly it will happen every month”, I tried to explain it happens to all of us, it is what we all see every month at that time because it is not updated and summed with the previous month yet but he is just inconvincible…

    • I won’t write about it to the admins, I guess it will soon be updated like always… Like I said to Rex, I think sometimes dates fluctuate but eventually it gets updated by the end of the month so I think there should be no worries… πŸ˜‰ If something happens I will write them but I think there should be no problems, it’s always updated and payments are made… πŸ˜‰

    • Yes, I guess we all still do have some and every now and then new ones arise… :/ Yes, I’m very glad myself too especially for such a thing… I just didn’t want other people to hesitate for no reason…
      It seems they answer when you ask about something that is not already known as an issue that we already asked or complained so many times or if you ask politely about a certain thing… Maybe they are working on the already known issues and can’t answer to all of us or just don’t know what to say if they have troubles with them…! :/ Thanks!

      • The reality of systems theory is that to improve any system (Virily is a system) there has to be tension. Tension comes in two forms, mechanical (the physical system is wearing itself out) or external tension. You are providing external tension to the Virily System and that is a good thing!

        • Thanks for your explanation, good to know that…! πŸ™‚ I’m glad it is actually a good thing…! πŸ˜‰
          But, actually, I meant the tension between me and one other member (who gave this wrong info) which caused tension in some other members too, so I felt bad about it but it was also important to know the right info…

          • I suspect all of us encounter situations like that with any number of people. The measure of us, as people, is that we learn! Also, you are only responsible for you, so the impact is a chosen thing (as in I choose that it impacts me).

        • PS I have to add I’m not sure they are that glad for having me as that external tension cause, I can be very tough and boring sometimes and probably giving them some hard time sometimes since they are not always answering my questions and complains….., like that one with the invisible photos problem, they are ignoring my question about it even though they promised they will surely check it!!! :/

  2. I’m still wondering…it is the last week in June and the dashboard still isn’t displaying the numbers for May. This is a very long-time issue, but usually, the previous month displays by the middle of the month.

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