The Virily rate has increased for June.

The Dashboard is updated and I see a rise in the Virily value for June  It was 62 for May and for June it has risen to 73

My last payment of 15 plus dollars was for a total of 3 months but my next payment will be for two months. That is indeed an improvement.

The Site is doing its best and we should cling on and feed it as much possible. 

  • Do you also believe there is hope for Virily to survive?

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    • No


What do you think?

Written by grace


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    • I did not expect that I would be eligible for payment within two months Last time it was 3 months There is hope here. In your case let me say you are quite popular and you will get many responses and comments on your posts

      Hope to see you.

  1. I have been here for two years and are still waiting for my first payment.

    Some people seem to be super active here though, I suppose that’s why.

    I wasn’t writing for a while, and they changed the rules on me, so that we have to have a minimum virils level each month, so I decided to get more active.

    I hate it when previously promised earnings are reduced like this.

    Virily will survive if the owners take more interest in the site, instead of just hiving profits off of it.

    • I joined in July 2019 and got paid right from August through February. Good amounts in the range between 20 – 15 dollars. Then came the axe where they stopped paying for so many activities and that reduced my earning and I got paid after 3 months My dashboard now tells me I will be eligible for payment end of August.

      I want to share a secret and that is you have to be active (lol) This reminds me about a joke in Archie comics. Everyone was stunned why Archie was scoring in his exams. He said it was a top secret and finally he gave up and said “I studied” (lol)

      • I joined here because I like to write short stories and poetry.

        I did not join here to make a lot of money, but the occasional trickle gives an incentive, but also, I am not prepared to put the time in to be really active, as I am far too busy with other things.

        Writing is a hobby thing for me.

        It reminds (that Archie joke) me of why I failed at University. I didn’t do even one bit of study.

        My Dad had told me that we should learn only in school, in class-time, only, homework and study was not required, and if you do that, you are doing the teacher’s work for them.

        Of course, I liked this approach of my Dad, and all through High school, I never studied either.

        I managed to pass somehow, but this no studying just did not work at University, where it is really all self-study, and very little direct teaching.

        I was Archie, in reverse.

        • For me earning gives me joy but does not sustain me I have my own funds for that. Just try and see how happy you will feel when you get paid

          Good Luck

          Doing the reverse of what Archie did will not help here either (lol)

          • Ha, ha, no it won’t.

            I tend to be a bit of a rebel, but to get anywhere, we need to button our shirts how the maker made them to be buttoned sometimes, I guess.

          • I have been here two years, and I am not verified yet, even though I asked them to verify me, by sending them an email, I heard nothing from them about that.

            Last time, it took 16 days to get an article modified. I have one waiting now, for 4 days now, and I am wondering how long that one will take.

    • I see representations are being made about this but Admin is not paying any attention to those appeals. Too many appeals are what I notice Admin may not like – just my thinking.


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