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The Virily Posts Malfunction UPDATE: Whose Posts You Can’t Find in The “Latest”

Hi all.

In my previous post, IMPORTANT!!!!!: The Newly Published Posts Malfunction!!! POLL I wrote about the issue I think is very important, the newly published posts that can not be seen in the Latest but can in the Following. I thought that article would be very important for the ones whose posts are among them to know and be aware of that, and, also, for all the users who would like to see/find their posts…!

Like I wrote in that article I informed all the users whose posts are not visible in the Latest by writing them compliments or messages, but not all them seem to have noticed that (or just haven’t bothered to answer), and none, except one of them commented on the article… I don’t know if they don’t care about it or just don’t have the same problem in their browser, which would also be a good information here to know if it is an overall problem or just a few seem to experience it… (?!)

I decided to write the names of those people whose posts you can’t find in the Latest, except, and that is just sometimes, 1-2-3 of their daily posts (because they sometimes publish more than that) which CAN be seen in the Latest… (I wrote you in the article that there were like tons of new posts by a member which were NOWHERE in the Latest…!)ย All of them are Verified users and I don’t know if that is the reason for this or is it because they sometimes publish a lot of posts… Although, there are some users among them that don’t even post that often but still their posts are not visible in the Latest…

OK, so the users who you must follow in order to see all of their posts in the Following are: ellie925, Albert Herdianto Widjojo, LaJenna, Andre Hartslief, (I’m not sure about) Thomas Gouard, Elena Bojchovska, Kim_Johnson, Pamela Moresby, DocAndersen, Alex Ledante, MommyofEli2013, Ileana Calotescu, Fortune, Kenneth Shumaker, Indexer, Rex Trulove.

I will repeat, some of their posts ARE visible in the Latest, but many ARE NOT, so pay attention…!

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Written by tasartcraft

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  1. That’s very interesting….hopefully it gets fixed soon. Weird that it’s only certain people too…I normally just go to the person’s page that I want to catch up on and view their posts that way…but hopefully it gets sorted out soon.

  2. I suspect this may be a very random bug. I found some of the people on your list in the latest, as of today. We may want to do a deep dive on what is happening overall. I wonder if there is a root cause we can find…

      • The problem with issues like this getting to the root cause…

        The first issue (that may actually be the problem) are settings on the local PC.
        The second option (that may actually be the problem) is the browser used to connect to the site.
        The 3rd (again maybe the actual driver) can be permissions on the site itself.

        You get the idea. Because I can keep going on this list for a long time…

        • Yes, that is what I noticed with Alex’s posts too (and all the other situations are written below in my other reply to you…).

          I don’t know anything about it but could be a mistake in their program, that is my thought… That is why I made the poll so we could know is everyone experiencing the same thing, although it might happen that not everyone noticed it even though it is happening on their profiles too…

          • The issue isn’t always a Virily issue. The problem has way to many variables at this point.

            A few months ago, i pointed out a bug in the system, But, before I pointed out the bug I had tested the problem on four different systems. I had recreated the issue 4 times. I documented that and sent it to the Virily admin team. It was fixed in about two weeks.

            We don’t have enough information about these bugs to provide the Admin team with actionable information.

        • That is true, but I’m wondering how they could not know how to solve this, it is their software, they made it!!!… It is also not the members who should constantly fix their site, while they earn from our present here…! They should work towards fixing things while the things don’t get fixed for MONTHS!!!!!

          • I cannot stress enough that there are so many variables in this process, it may not be the site.

            As for not being able to fix something “they created” there could be 10,000, 15,000 or more lines of code. It could simply be a syntax in one line causing the issue.

            But we still haven’t isolated the issue. We don’t what is causing it.

        • If it happens only with/on THIS site and to MANY users, than it is probably the site…!

          I can understand that…….

          Of course….. But do you really think it is an issue WE should or, after all, COULD isolate…..? (I’m not jelling I’m just bolding…) I can understand that you would like to help, and that was my thought too whenever I wrote an article about the Virily issues at first, to pay their ATTENTION to it…, but now that I noticed that they weren’t even aware of the problem I wrote about at least 3 times till now, and that whenever I wrote them personally (via a message or an e-mail) about each problem that I encountered, I explained every detail of it, and MANY times, (like it happened to other users as well), I either haven’t even got the reply or they didn’t even understand what I’m talking about… There was almost never a notification/information on/from the site about the problems too…..

          When I was told by Natalie they will certainly and surely have to check the problem with the missing photos in my (and probably NOT ONLY MY but other members as well…!) old posts, I can tell you that they haven’t even checked those other posts, because when she was checking that post I sent her where the problem starts (that post and so on), I got points for her view on it… No one checked my other posts… And that problem exists for at least 6 months and it was about a month or 2 that I told her about the problem and she wasn’t EVEN AWARE OF IT…..! So what is that telling you….. Do you think they act professional and like they always know what are they doing…..?

    • Yes, you found just SOME of their posts while all the other ones posted the same day are in the Following…
      It happens like this: all of them are Verified, but not all Verified are experiencing this…; some of them post very rare and don’t have ANY of their posts in the Latest, some are posting only 2-3 posts a day and have only 1 post in the Latest, some of them post a lot (daily) and have only 1-2 posts in the Latest while all the other ones are in the Following, and some are posting a lot and have NONE of their posts in the Latest (like you)…..!

          • You are obviously very angry. But casting blame like it is a ball doesn’t help anyone.

            You’ve said repeatably that this is a random bug. You haven’t isolated any of the issues that may cause the bug. But you want to yell that someone else needs to fix it.

            While I understand your right to be angry, I do know there is a path forward, and anger doesn’t help us get there.

            How many different computer types have you tested against the site?
            I many different installed browsers have you tried?
            How many different connection types have you tried?

            I can’t listen to the anger anymore. I am trying to move on and see what can be done.

            Good luck.

      • As I said in my post, its time to pump the breaks. We don’t know enough about eh variables int his situation.

        We also don’t know how the latest list is generated.

        Just a rough count yesterday from 5 am my time (US EDT) until 9 am I noticed there were 24 new posts in latest. I had to scroll down to the bottom to see my posts from 4 am that day.

        Too many variables…Let’s find a path to the actual root cause by removing variables.

        • The Latest list have always been generated this way and the only way it should be because of the NEW MEMBERS that appear here and should be instructed in ALL THE MEMBERS’ POSTS AND ACTIVITY ON THE MAIN PAGE::::: ALL POSTS WERE ALWAYS IN THE LATEST LIST (at least I think so because probably there were less Verified users before so I wasn’t checking but this started happening a month ago…)!

          All the posts are published in the order they are submitted for a review, and Verified users’ posts don’t have to be reviewed.

          • You are obviously very angry. But casting blame like it is a ball doesn’t help anyone.

            You’ve said repeatably that this is a random bug. You haven’t isolated any of the issues that may cause the bug. But you want to yell that someone else needs to fix it.

            While I understand your right to be angry, I do know there is a path forward, and anger doesn’t help us get there.

            How many different computer types have you tested against the site?
            I many different installed browsers have you tried?
            How many different connection types have you tried?

            I can’t listen to the anger anymore. I am trying to move on and see what can be done.

            Good luck.

        • I haven’t read all the comments (replies) yet, but I saw something about anger and blame… I will answer that now and the other things later…
          Like several times till now, you understood me wrong again… I’m not angry, I am BOLDING things in order to EXPLAIN them and be CLEAR! Also, I am not a Virily EMPLOYE to solve THEIR problems, I am trying to PUT THEIR ATTENTION TO IT, while it always happens that they AVOID EVEN INFORMING US ABOUT BUGS AND PROBLEMS, and they WEREN’T EVEN AWARE of some of them FOR MONTHS OF MY WRITING ABOUT IT, which is a very specific behavior which is telling all of us they don’t even want to communicate… And I should try to solve their problems which they made, the software they made, etc (I don’t know anything about it), and earn them money, right…..?

        • I also can’t listen to your writing anymore, while you understand me wrong the whole time, on MY posts….. How can I isolate something when I don’t know anything about it, it is THEIR JOB, they are PAID for that, and I am already full enough of their crap…

        • Ok, now I read what you actually said, and just want to correct what I wrote in a way… (Like I said in one of my replies on one of your posts, I read your comment superficially, just saw that thing about anger and yelling so I reacted superficially too…) So here is my answer…:
          I was not angry when writing about what I wrote, I just tried to explain what you didn’t understand…, and that is the logic of what is going on in the Latest and the Following —– like I said in my reply to Alex, I tried to explain that I don’t think it is the “reality of verified vs non-verified”, I don’t think THAT is the reality… If that was the reality, then it would have been made intentionally that way, and it is not logical to be made that way because of the reasons I bolded above…

          I also can not isolate any of the bugs because I don’t know anything about programming… I can only try to put admins ATTENTION to it, but it seems (like I wrote in my other reply to you above) they sometimes don’t even pay attention to something I wrote at least 3 times till now – and that is the missing photos in our old posts problem.

          And I will repeat this again::::: if there is a problem that is repeating on many users profiles (we probably not all use the same kind of a computer, software, browser, etc), and only with THIS site, it “probably” has to do with the site and not the users… Am I wrong?

          • Isolating bugs has two sides, user, and developer. Users can isolate bugs as well, by recreating the failure point on different computers using different browsers and so on.

            What’ve I’ve been trying to say (and probably not very well) is that we are asking the Viriy team to troubleshoot complex issues that may not be related to the site at all.

            You made a point earlier that it appears to multiple users multiple times, but what if they are all running windows 7 and Chrome and it only happens to them. Those are the variables i am trying to reduce so that we can hopefully move forward.

            I do not want another NIUME.

        • Yes, that is what I agree on, and what I usually do, at least some of the things, when bugs happen…

          Yes, I know, I (can) understand that too, that can happen but hardly if SO MANY users are having the same issue… The reason I think it is the site related bug is from my overall experience here, it happens TOO much and TOO often and in such unprofessional and clumsy ways so it could be user related…

          Ok, that is certainly a good thing to do, at least just to be sure about it…

        • PS But good that it is fixed now… Also, I think some other things are fixed too, like Virils for comments.. Which makes me to just think, like I already said in one other comment, that these and such things probably happen because of the process of working on bugs…

          • It is possible across the board. It is also possible that they removed limits and other constraints on the system, let’s see if someone flies up the ranking board (getting 5000 virils a day for example).

        • No, that is not what I meant, nor they removed the limit… It was just something with comments, for example if I reply to the same comment twice there was a bug so instead of 2 Virils (like it has previously been) I would get 1 only for the first comment, and now I think there are points for both comments (I think). It is generally something that happens within 1 thread, a bug or something changed, but it is still weird… Like, if you reply under that second reply of mine and I again reply to you, I’m not sure I’ll get Virils for that, it’s just something with the order of the replies that confuses the system, or actually they changed the system but not thought it well through so you kind of don’t get virils where you should get them or something like that.

          • You understand that if you do accidentally comment twice, that by default based on the cheating that happened before the admin team would be smart to prevent that from becoming a new issue right? If you got 2 for each comment (4) instead of the (2) expected you could very quickly move up the boards.

            The reply issue is one that we’ve all noticed many times. I suspect that has as much to do with site design as anything.

        • That is not what I’m speaking about….. I never said 2 for each comment… I said (meant) 1 for each comment – whenever you’ve commented/replied (before) you would’ve got 1 point, but it is different now so for some comments you don’t get Virils!… It is also weird because in some situations you do get them and some other times for the same situation you don’t get them, so I don’t understand, it’s like they “fixed”/changed it but not well…

  3. Yes, well its recently happened to me, but I was unaware of this until some one commented on the fact that while people could comment on other peoples posts, they could not comment on mine. I also noticed I had fewer visitors while I was constantly working on posting
    In the end, I posted less and informed management. Nathalie said she would fix it . So I will see if I get more visitors from now on.
    Its certainly discouraging when it happens to you.

    • Are you sure it is the same problem…..? Commenting on posts and showing your posts in the Latest are two different things, and I think Natalie (like me too) understood you had the problem with Commenting on your posts, although I saw no one didn’t have that problem with your post where you wrote about it, including me too…
      I don’t know if the problem with your posts not showing up in the Latest is fixed, I’m not sure I noticed it, but I know they were all (or most of them) only in the Following…! I also wrote to the admins via Support about this problem and no one replied…..!
      Also, while you wrote about it and had Natalie comment on it, no one of the admins never commented on my posts where I wrote about the problems on the site, nor did anyone comment here or on the previous article where I wrote about this issue…..! ๐Ÿ˜

    • Yes, that is what is happening….. Some posts get into the Latest and some unfortunately don’t. I don’t know why is this happening and there is no a certain order in it some people post rarely and don’t have any of their posts in the Latest, some post a lot and have just 1 or 2 posts in the Latest, and some post a lot and have none of their posts in the Latest…..

  4. Hmm… Clicked on a few of them and checked their latest posts… most of them I’ve visited most or all of their latest posts (say last 3-5 posts)… there are only one or two who I missed out on just one of two of their posts.

    I don’t know how Virily work… maybe they really selectively show posts to different users like the way certain website does to “customise” experience… who knows.

    • Have you checked all the previous posts of some users…..? Went through several pages of their posts (at least 3-5)…..? I suggest you to do it with Doc’s (he has the most) an Alex’s posts and then let me know so we could have the right information here…

      I seriously doubt that, they were/are having problems to put some simple things right, that would be too much for them to implement (at least I think so…:/)…

  5. I am now too rarely in Virily as this site started to bother me with all bugs and nonsenses. I came yesterday after may week, posted one posts and did not find it in latest, I thought it is again a bug and went out. Today I again posted one post and it again is not seen in Latest. I do not know why Virily changes this in such way but we get less views and this does not encourage to write. I do not write a lot of posts, I have not written for days, so that is not because I post many posts as you mentioned. I am getting in a mood when I do not want to post here at all.

    • I know, I understand, many feel the same or at least the similar about the bugs… Yes, all of your posts are in the Following and not in the Latest, I noticed… I too don’t know why is this happening and agree it is not encouraging.. One member commented in my previous article that he noticed this started happening once he became a Verified user, although I must admit I did notice this is happening only with Verified users but not all of them!!! I also noticed you haven’t posted a lot of posts lately, and also noticed some other users having the same problem – not many posts, actually they rarely post, and the same thing is happening with their posts. Some post several or even only 2 posts a day and only 1 appears in the Latest and some post several and don’t have any in the Latest! I don’t know, is it just a bug or something intentional, I don’t understand it nor the pattern of the happening…

        • I understand……. It wouldn’t be good if it is intentionally….. I can understand if it is a rule because of some members who post a lot daily, but the ones who post rarely it should happen to their posts too…

        • It shouldn’t be intentionally because of the NEW MEMBERS (they don’t know nor follow anyone, they somehow must learn and find all the members’ posts)…! ALL the posts should be enabled to find in the Latest ..!

          • I just wonder why it always takes so long for Virily to correct the bugs or to answer our questions. There is no any information given to members about what are the new changes, and what needs simply to be corrected. Is it so hard to create an account from the administration, and to provide there some info for those who really care about the site and continue to write? We would have a place where to leave our questions and get answers because to our emails there is not an answer for a long time.

        • I agree with you and that is what I’m wondering too…! I’m wondering if they are even interested in fixing things…! They only informed us at some point that the chat is canceled and that all the answers we can find in the FAQ, but I’m not sure it is even updated about some of the changes yet…
          They sometimes answer but the moment I mentioned some other bugs and problems that are not addressed for months they stopped replying. Doc said to me that they told him there are so many complaints and similar so they are not able to answer or manage all (or something like that).
          I am very much annoyed by such situation too…!

    • Yes, yours are in the Latest….. I think only the ones I mentioned here have this problem (if it is a problem and not an intentional change….. :/)…..
      You are very welcome, I’m glad it helps you, it is why I wrote it…! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • PS Although it shouldn’t be intentionally because how will a person who is NEW on the site even FIND those peopleโ€™s posts if there are no all membersโ€™ posts in the Latest (he/she is not following ANYONE)โ€ฆ

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