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The Virily “HOT” Posts Page Link + Creating Polls Glitches

In my previous post about the “Hot” posts page I forgot to post the link to the page, actually I posted it inside the text as a word but didn’t write the actual link separately, since some were clicking the link of my post that is there… Could be they actually wanted to visit the post but just in case, here is the link…!:

You can also find that page by going to the Trending posts page from the Menu and just typing the word “hot” instead the word “trending” in the browser…

When it comes to polls, since these new implementations have happened a glitch when making polls happened… I read many were complaining about having problems with uploading the cover photos which I haven’t noticed but lately I understood what they meant… The problem is the picture isn’t showing up when uploaded (even though it is actually uploaded) so in order for it to show up you have to re-load the page but after you had done that all the text you wrote gets lost, so either you should add the photo first either to save the text before re-loading the page…! It is also not possible to save the draft before the picture shows up…

Also, I am quite annoyed that every time I add a question even “Yes” and “No” answers aren’t showing up so I have to re-load the page twice each answer to show up and even a couple more times if I want to add additional answers….. 😐

I hope these glitches will be fixed soon, I wrote to the admin about it but I guess they are already aware of that…

Also, the Collections seemed to be “implemented” but actually, even though I tried to save some articles, when I go to the Collections section in the Menu of my Profile it says there are no any…, so I guess it is not fully implemented yet… :/|

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  • Did you manage to find the page…?

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    • No
    • Wasn’t looking
  • Are you glad you can see the Latest Votes there…? 🙂

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    • No
    • So-so
  • Adding questions in polls became quite annoying since you have to reload the page several times until “Yes” and “No” answers show up, and then again if you want to add additional answers…! 😐

    • Yes
    • No
    • So-so
  • …Also, when the cover photo is uploaded it isn’t showing so you have to reload the page in order for it to show up too so everything you wrote of the text is lost due to that… 😐

    • Yes
    • No
    • So-so

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    • Welcome and thank you very much for appreciating it…! 🙂 I’m not sure why are they scared but I can understand it somehow… Maybe because you are posting images and lists, I think this is only happening with cover photos in polls, stories and similar… Yes, there are some workarounds…

  1. I used to face issues when I was making quizzes. The answer options would sometimes disappear after I type and enter. Have to reenter the same text several times to make sure that the changes are saved.

    • Yes, that is almost the similar thing that happens here, it became quite annoying, especially if adding a lot of questions….. :/ 😐 Sometimes just refreshing the page several times helps or saving a draft and then refreshing…
      Thanks for commenting…! 🙂

  2. Was reloading the page enough to get the poll answers fixed? 😳
    I always do the ‘save draft’ trick, except when uploading the cover photo because it is not possible to save (it asks you to add a cover image, funnily).
    Quizzes must be as frustrating, though I haven’t created quizzes in a while.
    Lists are the easiest to make instead, everything seems to go smoothly there.

      • Saving as draft works like reloading, but probably takes more time. 🤔
        I was afraid of losing all text while refreshing the page, so I never tried.
        I will try reloading the next time I plan to submit a poll. 🙂

        • To me it doesn’t…, I just have to reload it again after that 2-3 times… 😐
          Oh, no, you didn’t understand…, I do save drafts between the questions or while writing so it can’t be lost, but have to reload the page each time too… 😐
          Yes, but save the text previously as a draft…!!! 🙂

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