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I am on a couple of other Sites where there is a slot for discussing issues relating to Virily. Not many I notice know about the changes that the Site undergoes from time to time. 

Unlike other Sites Virily Admin never updates its community on changes made but thanks to a few users here their alertness is the only source the community has to know of the changes made.  

My studied observation shows

– we no longer earn for viewing and commenting on posts of other users

-When our posts are viewed we earn 3 virils for  each view  limiting to 50 views a day 

-We earn 2 virils when comments are made on our posts including our own comments. I am not aware if there is an earning  limit on comments received.

In the good old days users just viewed posts and they earned.  There are users who have never written a single post but have been paid for just viewing posts.  These users will earn nothing now unless they start posting. 

And by the way  did you notice most here are now designated as ‘LEGEND’?  I did see one user  who has the ‘EXPERT’ designation. 

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        • I don’t know but I think not. The thing that Doc claimed there are “penalties” of -20 virils for exceeded limits is bull, you can not exceed limits – that is why there are for (obviously, right?!!!)… Penalties are only for reported comments which are removed but I don’t know how that works now, I wasn’t here.

        • I have and that a lot – even for the normal comments, always by the same users who are constantly bullying me with their posts about me or write some untrue and incorrect things about the site which I tried to correct and defend myself from and then they call me a bully for that. It’s like they can downvote or report my comments whenever they want and do all such things but when I do it I am “a bully”, because I always freak out because of their absurd behavior…!

          I don’t know what hazy means but I doubt there are limits for comments, I was getting them a lot.

          • That is why I’m leaving the site. Can’t stand such manipulative people who want it all their way and think they’re always right. They are acting like in third grade sending messages to admins constantly even for the things that are completely not of their business, poilicing all users constantly, etc. I didn’t come here for that

          • …and above all the manipulation of ONE MAN who thinks he owns this site and trying to have it all HIS way…! Like we all have to think that or any other way! When you fight against such things you turn out to be “the bad guy”, unfortunately people who are full of themselves have a problem seeing anyone elses truth except theirs, and above all they are delusional seeing things THE RIGHT WAY…!

          • Admin always has its way but that sometimes coincides with demands made. There will be many here who approach support and I am one of those. I get results but I do not make a show of it here

            I agree with you. We do not need self-appointed spokespersons here. All can contact support and one thing we must know it is the culture of Admin not to get back but they do act on requests made in their own way.

          • I agree, I always report them the things I find not fair (which are done to me personally) and the ones that are with glitches but I have to say they do act on some things fairly and on some not at all. I suffered a lot while the ones who are actually the evil ones almost never!!! I was actually never reaching them about users until the users started acting that way towards me. I was also never reporting anything until they started reporting me – on the contrary I fought against downvoting and reporting while they were Advising it with an imperative, and now when they are downvoted and reported they say those who do that are bullies, etc. and fight against those features! Unfortunately not many people see that.
            Yes, I don’t show it off that way either, I do inform of the bad or the good news but not in such a way, nor am “fighting” in such a way.

            Glad you agree! Yes but they don’t always react.

          • No one has the right to force anyone being a part of “the community”, everyone here is an individual came here for his own reasons, has the right to act the way he thinks is right or suiting and no one is entitled to be like you called it self-proclaimed spokesperson!

    • Some still do not know that viewing posts of others will earn them nothing. I keep getting such views even now. Some of these users do not create any posts and so I cannot get back to them and view and comment on their posts.

      • The person who they have viewed seem to still earn 3 points though, so they are doing a favour for some. Maybe they will catch on soon though, when they notice their own earnings have dwindled a bit.

        “May 6, 2020 1:12 am 3 Virils for view of Sad Story: When, And Why The Bad Guy Sometimes Wins.”

  1. Yes, I have noticed these changes too. My monthly virils earned have reduced considerably.

    Since, I began here, earnings have just been reduced more and more.

    I think we should earn for commenting, as otherwise, what is the incentive for doing so?

    • I have had users who just viewed my posts earlier and they earned quite a bit. They did not post anything. But now they will have to create posts in order to earn. I would encourage users to create posts.

      You are right about having no motivation to view and comment on posts of others since you do not earn for that activity. The only way to earn would be to create posts as those whose posts you view will get back to your posts.

          • Yes, earning for viewing alone tends to attract people just interested in quick earnings I guess. I agree with stopping that.

            But for commenting more than just a few words, say, for writing more than 10 words as a comment, should still count, I think, and yet, unless, there is someone checking the comments, people could also “game” that too, by just copying and pasting again, the same comment, on multiple posts.


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