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The versatile tomato

We always have tomatoes stored in the fridge.  I even grow them myself but not regularly  Most of our dishes specially meat and vegetable always have tomatoes as one of the ingredients 

As a kid I never liked tomatoes.  It took me some time to get to like them and I must thank a nun who induced me at a picnic where we were given fresh tomatoes. 

Besides cooking I use them for making sandwiches.  I also stuff them with minced meat and fry them. Who will have not tasted tomato ketchup which is seen on one’s dining table?

This link has details on its health properties

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    • I have tried growing them too but not with much success. The only time I got a good crop was when I grew them from seeds that an online garden forum member sent them to me all the way from the UK.

  1. I love tomatoes. I like to make a salad for our Sabbath and put a tomato in it. I like to toast bread and add a tomato to it too at times. I do not grow my own and will need more tomatoes when I go out again.


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