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The United States of Eagle

Yes, this post has an odd title. This is because I discovered something amazing and truly interesting in my travels across the net. Americans actually lived in the United States of Eagle in 1833. It was that year when an atlas titled “Rudiments of National Knowledge, Presented to the Youth of the United States, and to Enquiring Foreigners” was published in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The author was Joseph Churchman and the purpose of this atlas was to make youth aware of the national advantages and blessings of the U.S. through geographical information, anecdotes and maps.

A most interesting visual was the “eagle map”. This showed the U.S. with a giant bird superimposed over the states. Churchman wrote that this eagle was meant to be a representative of national liberty. His story was such that this bird came from the Old World tired of all the conflicts going on there and was looking for a resting place where equal rights existed and were respected. The silhouette of the eagle was drawn so that it aligned with the borders of the U.S., which at that moment had not stretched out westward of the territory that had been acquired in the Louisiana Purchase. The eagle’s chest formed the Atlantic Seaboard, its wings stretched toward the western limits and its talons curled around Florida.

The only part of the states that was not included within the picture of this eagle was Maine. Churchman was well aware that residents of this state were angry about this but he insisted that mapmakers had designed Maine to be the eagle’s “cap of liberty”. The problem with this was that on the map that which was supposed to be the cap and the state of Maine looked just like a squiggly line. If there are those of you who are interested in this book it is available through Amazon.

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  1. I have great appreciation and love of history. America’s history is bountifully enriched with stories of steadfast men and women who love peace, prosperity, freedom and happiness. “In God We Trust” emblem has returned to its former roots!

    I can see that you iove your country so much.


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