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The unique piece of land in the world whose owners change every 6 months

Although, land ownership rights are generally granted for 90 to 100 years worldwide, however, there is also a piece of land in the world, whose owners change every 6 months and interestingly, it is owned by 2 states, not ordinary people.

Yes.Pheasant Island is the only piece of land in Europe, less than 7,000 square meters, whose ownership changes every 6 months. This small but very important and historic island ownership changing is continued for 350 years.

The transfer of ownership of the island to France and Spain every 6 months began in 1669 when the two countries signed an agreement to end the long-running war.

The agreement to end the war also included that both the both countries will have the provisions and proprietary rights of ‘Pheasant  Island’ located on the border between Spain and France.

According to the agreement, the two countries will provide ownership rights of ‘Pheasant Island to each other every 6 months and since then, the ownership rights for this piece of land have exchanging process in both countries.

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