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The unhealthy pork is healthy

In our culture, pork is the killer meat that is the cause of high blood pressure, heart attack and other health issues. That’s all because of the myth that pork has high cholesterol and too much fats. Some even mention the idiom that pork doesn’t make you grow old because you will die young. There are religions that forbid the eating of pork but that is another story, I guess.

Pork is white meat which is better than red meat. That means pork is healthier compared to beef and others of its kind that includes venison or deer meat. With chicken, pork is again healthier because you can see the unsavory texture of chicken meat that it grows in a matter of 42 days with the obvious vitamins. The pigs are fed with vitamins and antibiotics too but they are controlled according to one piggery veterinarian because pigs are naturally strong against the elements. So it’s high time that we erase the stigma of the pork.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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