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The turtle is not a good pet

When I was 4, we moved to a house in the prairie, not the real prairie but a place that looks isolated with ponds  around our property. It was a new nice bungalow that my father had built that was supposed to be our paradise. But when the rains came, the flood surprised us. The place was low lying and susceptible to flooding.

When the flood subsided, there was a turtle in the garden. I grabbed the turtle and it looked friendly so I declared it to be my first pet, ever. But when my parents saw the turtle, they frowned on it. Not good to have that for a pet, they both said. It is bad luck. And why so? The turtle is slow and it may make my life slow, that’s what they said. As a dutiful son, I took the turtle to the pond and it was free again. Do you think it is not good to have a pet turtle?

  • Is the turtle a nice pet?

    • Yes
    • I don’t know
    • No


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Written by Alex Socorro


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  1. I see no reason why a turtle could not be a good pet. The only drawback for someone alone like me is that the turtle and I cannot really interact. When I was little I was always catching bullfrogs in the summertime. I love to listen to their croaking but I would not want a bullfrog hopping around my apartment

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