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The truth about Brexit

I read an article written by Grace about Brexit and I want to give my opinion as the information can be misleading and Brexit is a historical mistake.

David Cameron had a relevant majority and he was ruling Britain comfortably. After gaining the Scotland referendum in 2014 (He allowed it to end the prospect of an independent Scotland forever as the polls gave a clear majority against independence but now the Scotland independence movement has grown stronger because of Brexit) he wanted to put pressure on the European Union with a Brexit referendum so that obtaining more money from the European Union. Besides, he wanted to get rid of radical members of his party who hate Europe (now these radical members rule the party). He thought it was impossible that British people would vote to leave the European Union. He thought his plan was great and he would show the European Union that Britain deserved more money.

At the same time, Boris Johnson madly wanted the job of David Cameron (they were both educated in the same school and had been competing against each other since their respective political careers started) and the only way to end the career of David Cameron was to support Brexit so he started a campaign full of lies.

Boris Johnson writes a weekly column regarding politics for The Daily Telegraph and he was going to write an article saying how important the European Union is and how bad for the United Kingdom was leaving the European Union. However, as David Cameron announced his Brexit referendum he changed the column and he announced he was going to support Brexit to end the career of David Cameron. The Brexit supporters started a campaign full of lies to give David Cameron the sack and they won unexpectedly as remain supporters did not defend their position fully and now Boris Johnson is the president of the UK.

The reality is that you cannot leave the European Union if you are in Europe in real terms. Indeed, Britain will have to travel to Brussels constantly to make agreements and given the world we are living Britain will be poorer and isolated. Since European countries are small only inside the European Union one can compete against countries like India, the United States or China.

What is more, Northern Ireland is on the brink of joining the rest of Ireland and Scotland wants independence because of Brexit and Britons are going to be poorer because they will not receive funds from the European Union. Some experts say that Britain will have to join the European Union again as you cannot be in Europe without doing business with the rest of the European countries that are all of them in the European Union.

The only person who has obtained something positive with Brexit is Boris Johnson and his allies, the people of Britain will suffer a lot. Brexit is a historical mistake that can end Great Britain and its beautiful greatness. In fact, support for the independence of Scotland has growth and Northern Ireland is alone and near of leaving Great Britain.

Northern Ireland remains in the European Union and there will be a frontier between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom even though Northern Ireland belongs to the United Kingdom. This is ridiculous. Boris Johnson knew about this but Brexit was the only way to be president of Great Britain. This is very, very sad, because Britons were told lies to vote leave and now they are going to face the harsh reality.

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    • The referendum was not well thought. They did not think they could lose it. However, the door will always be open to Great Britain so perhaps one day they come back. We will see but the thing is Boris Johnson only wanted to rule the conservative party and he has put Britain into a mess because of his ambition. We will see what happens.

  1. Since joining the EU, my country has been transformed into a consumer country where are exported the worst products from other UE countries such Germany and France . Our industry has been destroyed, our forests have been cut … This is what I feel(as a simple citizen) about the EU.

    • This is horrible. Unlike other European countries, nobody criticizes the European Union in Spain. However, I watched yesterday how the oranges of Valencia are no longer required by the European Union as they prefer to import cheap South African oranges. We have to believe the European Union is good for us. Britain thinks otherwise, we will see what happens to them now.

  2. Let’s talk about the reality of what is going on.

    The EU greatly benefits the agricultural economy of France. It also greatly benefits the manufacturing economy of Germany.

    Spain has a weakened position because of the EU.
    Portugal, Greece, Poland and other nations are where they were before joining or lower.

    Economically the EU is an utter failure. The EU was supposed to create an economy for Europe that would rival the US and China. It really hasn’t.

    On the CyberSecurity side with GDPR the EU is a success.

    • Thanks a lot for your comment. Very interesting. There were plans from the European Union for Spain, they wanted to make Spain the China of Europe in the sense we would work a lot and we would earn little money. Besides, we are in the Southern part of Europe and they make a distinction between the countries from the South (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) and the rest. These 4 countries were going to depend on tourism to live in, something that is true. What is more, our economies were deemed PIGS not only stand for the animal but also for Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain as our economies were treated badly. This has changed a lot but some years ago this was revealed. Time will tell if Britain achieves something positive but it looks bad. It is always said that France and Germany rule the European Union. So you don´t think European Union can compete against China and the United States???

  3. In the past New Zealand did very well with England buying our NZ butter, Wool, NZ Lamb and meat. Plus, overseas your people got better NZ meat than we do.
    I know, I used to see the differences when I was working for Hellabys.

    Since then, Britain joined the European Market and now our NZ produce has become too expensive for those in Britain.

    By the way our NZ meat is also becoming too expensive and we are fast eating more vegetarian meals. Or fish.

    Now I hope a decision will be made to help everyone in Britain, Ireland and Scotland… I really don’t understand how Brexit works at all.

  4. Brexit is a historical mistake of huge proportions. Although the UK officially leaves the EU tomorrow (31/1/2020) the clear effects of this mistake will take time to manifest themselves. Unfortunately the damage will not be limited to Britain alone. Here in Ireland (Republic) we remain in the EU but by an accident of geography, Britain stands physically between us and the continent. Most of the goods travelling between here and mainland Europe must pass through Britain. For sure we Irish are going to suffer because of Britain’s stupidity.

      • Like most things in real life, it is complicated. Many people in Ireland like the idea of a united Ireland, but in reality Northern Ireland (NI) costs millions to keep afloat, and a small country like us could not afford it. In addition, most of the Protestants in NI (more than 50% of the population) have British ancestry and wish to remain British, not Irish. As you know, many lives have been lost in connection with people’s feelings in this matter. Personally, I am quite happy with the status quo in Ireland.

  5. Because of the word limit I have not finished my article as I wanted. This is how the article really ends:
    “The Brexit supporters wanted to take control of the Conservative party and ruling Britain. And they have obtained it with the Brexit issue that it is an old nationalistic English movement that tells old tales about the British Empire that does no longer exist because Northern Ireland and Scotland wanted to remain in the European Union and now they want to leave the United Kingdom.
    The press in Britain is conservative and they will invent stories to support Brexit but the reality is clearer. Brexit is a mess and Britons will be poorer. Likewise, Boris Johnson will have to travel to Brussels often to negotiate as Britain has to make business with the rest of the European countries but they will have no right to decide anything as they have decided to leave the European Union.
    Politicians do not look after their citizens; they only look after their interest. A great farce has been created. After more than 3 years the United Kingdom has finally been able to leave the European Union but now they will start to negotiate an agreement that can last years. England can lose now Scotland and Northern Ireland breaking forever the Great Britain (we must remember that the peace in Northern Ireland was signed after decades of blood) and everything thanks to the ambition of Boris Johnson who is now rich and powerful.”

    • I agree with you sort of. I think Boris Johnson and his allies “think” they are the winners. I think … and I’m an outsider … but I think Cameron was on the right track. But they got rid of him. It makes me wonder. What is the “real agenda” of the Boris-ites? Maybe Mr. Johnson likes vacationing in Brussels and not having to pay for the trips out of his own pocket.

      • You are right. David Cameron perhaps made a mistake, there was no need to call for a referendum, it was risky because people do not know the reality of politics, but as he won the Scotland referendum he thought he was going to win again and he had to resign even though he was a powerful primer minister.

    • Brexit is a new word that means (BR (Britain) EXIT)) Britain leaves the European Union. They are in unknown territory as never a country that was in the European Union has left it. Britain has to pay a fine now to leave it and has to negotiate with the European Union how the relationship will be. Most of the European countries (all of them except Switzerland, Norway and some Eastern European countries and Russia of course) are on the European Union. People from Britain are going to be poorer as a result. However, some powerful people promote Brexit because London is a very special place where many corporations make millions and if Britain leaves the European Union they could make rules of their own to help these powerful companies. Brexit is a historical mistake for the majority of the people who live in Britain

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