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The Sunset no. 2 + Some New Virily Malfunctions and Changes Poll

Hi all! 🙂

This is the second photo from “The Sunset” series of photos I started posting… All the photos are made recently and with a phone and each photo is different with very interesting and vivid colors I tried to capture so I think they deserve to be presented separately… I hope you will like them…!

You can see the first photo (no. 1) here: The Sunset no. 1.

One more thing I wanted to use here to discuss with you is something I noticed when I posted the first photo from this series, The Sunset no. 1, is that even though I posted it as an “Image” I’ve got 15 points (Virils) for it instead of 5, which was the previous reward for publishing a photo (an image) while other articles got 15 or 30 points (Virils). Seems that the Virily team changed some things here (again) and I or you would never find out about that if we haven’t posted an Image (or something else if something else is changed too)… I rarely post “only” Images so I was very surprised when I got 15 points for it, and also don’t know if this change happened recently or it has already been like that for some time now… It also ISN’T changed in the FAQ’s like it was changed when we stopped getting Virils for Following nor do I know if something else is changed too… Therefore, I think we should have been informed about it in SOME way and I consider these things very unprofessional by the Virily team like it previously happened with some other things that were happening on the site without any notification to the members…

There are also some other things that I noticed that changed and that I wrote about to the admin several times but still haven’t got the reply…!

First, I noticed or at least it looks to me that way that now you get points for comments on other people’s posts only till the end of 1 branch of the “tree” (thread) – if you start another conversation within the same thread you get no points while the author does, so the maximum of the points you can get by commenting on other people’s posts seems to be ONLY 3 (within 1 “tree” (thread)), although today I noticed it’s different again and seems like it’s back to how it has previously been, if I noticed well, or it is something completely different….. :/! Maybe it was happening because of the overall number of comments on 1 article (comments under photos) but I’m not sure…

I also noticed a malfunction a few days ago… What happened is that a person opened several of my posts and commented only on one of them… I got the notifications for views for all the opened posts, except for that commented one… I wrote to the admins about it, even sent a print screen of my notifications, but no answer yet…!

Also, recently one member published the article how unsatisfied he was with the same problem with photos I and probably many other members or even all members have – the problem with the invisible photos in our old posts. The member was very unsatisfied and said he and other people will start leaving the site if such and other things don’t get solved, after which he deleted his account (I know he was previously unsatisfied with his earnings here so doesn’t have to mean the invisible photos problem was the only reason)… There was a conversation between me and the admin about the missing photos in our old posts before this article was published, I’ve sent her the link, she saw it and told me it will have to be checked and fixed for sure. Nothing yet…..

So, I asked some questions in the poll below, and you can say your opinion on other things too in the comments below…!

Thank you for visiting!!! 🙂

  • Do you like the second photo from “The Sunset” series?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Have you noticed the points for publishing articles changed?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you think we should have been informed about it somehow?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you think it should be written (changed) in the FAQ’s?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Have you noticed that some of the points when commenting on other people’s posts are canceled?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you think it’s not fair and that we should be able to get more points for commenting on 1 article?

    • Yes
    • No
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What do you think?

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    • Yes, I can tell you were away and I wasn’t that active myself too lately… Yes, there are some changes due to the new online privacy law (GDPR) which I learned about from the other members in the meantime… :/

  1. I haven’t noticed much because I have been too busy trying to get my blogs compliant with the GDPR law to be on sites like this much this week. I’ve just been trying to keep up with notifications. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the problems you are seeing have been caused because the site owners here are also having to make this site compliant. That’s why we have the new checkboxes when we comment. When I got to the site today I noticed I got two notices about 10 virils for a site visit at the same time. I’ll be only one of them will still be there when I go back and look. Since everyone has to be compliant before enforcement of the law starts tomorrow, things should calm down again by then.

    • How do you do that, and why…? I’m not sure it is referred to the users, only to the administration of the site…
      Yes, in the meantime I learned about the new law (GDPR) although I’m still not familiar with its rules, and yes, some of the things are changed here due to that, like that comment checkbox and some other things I didn’t mention here, but I’m not sure it is needed cause there is one checkbox at the log in too and it should cover all the things on the site so why repeating it every time we have to comment…
      Many notifications pop up duplicated but you receive only 1 actually, it is just a bug showing duplicated pop-up notifications…

    • Thank you very much!!! Well, you will, and probably you won’t like it….. 😐 (take a look at the comments above or Alex’s new post on it….. 😐 or just try to reply and you’ll see the new checkbox you have to check under EVERY comment……..!)

          • Look it up, is a new EU law that’s supposed to protect our data and privacy. However, it’s stressful for everyone who in a way works with personal data (including IP, cookies and other things you wouldn’t even expect). If you are a site owner, you need to receive explicit consent for basically everything, and the fines are severe.

          • It is scary, because it’s a new law and people are mostly assuming what its text means (so it’s easy to do something wrong when the rules are not clear enough). Also, the fines for the companies that fail to be compliant with the law are huge.
            I don’t know, having this checkbox in the comments doesn’t make much sense to me because they already have much more data, like out ip address, emails, etc. I think they need to get this consent just once, like facebook for example. But I understand why they are worried and want to to be safe just in case. Or there might be other reason like spam protection. If you are spammer, checking the box makes more work for you and you will be less eager to post spamy comments. These are just my assumptions, so I may be wrong.

        • Ok, thank you for the info, I agree with you, it sounds logical and could be the reason but like you said, we don’t know what is actually the truth… :/ It is a little absurd because I think we already agreed to that when making the account (or we didn’t….? :/) but we have to click the same(?) button when writing a post so maybe it now has to be for the comments too…. I thought this was something odd (again) from the Virily team until you and Alex told me what it is actually….. (the new law…)

    • Thank you very much!!! Yes, and now they changed more things too…..! Like “every information is in the FAQ’s and the chat won’t work anymore”, and they HAVEN’T EVEN UPDATED THE FAQ’S WELL, starting with this information I wrote about…! Also, this checkbox under each comment………, I also suppose there is no information about it anywhere in the FAQ’s…!!!

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