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The Sun Above ~ Sky Sunday

We live under the sky, or the sky is our roof. But, because the sky is only the top of the surface of the earth, and is classified as a separate layer called the atmosphere, which is actually just empty, then are we really under the sky?

Or, are we in the middle of the sky? In the middle of unlimited space? Or at the edge of the universe? Or, as certain views say, is all this just an illusion?

Ah…  That’s just my stupid question, don’t think about it. I just pondered a little or ventured into the world of imagination through the picture of the sky in the windshield. That is all. Have a great week.

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  1. The picture is fantastic, dear friend … I’ve often thought about where we live, but I never came to the final answer … that’s why I’m not thinking anymore … I know that I live on earth and that’s all

  2. The reflection was a shock. At first, I thought you had captured the sun through an obstruction. Then I realized it was the infinitely possible reflection.

    Light travels 186,000 miles in a second.
    The light you looked at, in the initial reflection, was 90,000 miles or more away before you clicked the shutter.

    We aim the camera at the then
    we capture the now
    but now is not then.


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