The strawberry runners

When I bought 2 potted strawberries, I thought it was only for a novelty that sooner or later the plants will die. My cousin also bought 2 pots that after 2 months she had lost all the strawberry plants. Fortunately, mine not only survived but produced runners. The runner is like a long cord where the baby plant comes out. Sometimes the runner can have 1 or 2 or even 3 baby plants depending on the runner. To make the story short, the runners appeared from time to time so that  my plants have multiplied.

Now, I have about 20 plants now with only 3 on the ground and the rest are in pots. When they start to fruit, I place the pots in the porch so the birds wouldn’t eat the strawberries when they turn red. The color and the smell of strawberry is attractive to the birds. Maybe the runner in the picture can have 5 baby plants to add to my collection.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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