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The Sound of Rain

Do you like the sound of the rain? Do you enjoy the smell of the rain?  The fragrance of the earth as the tears of heaven hit her, which is the very essence of our being. Have you ever felt like dancing in the rain and letting the water wash away all your worries and troubles releasing you from the burden of adulthood into the innocent joys of child once more?

I love the rain, I love the sound  of it falling on the rooftops and window panes. The rustle of leaves as they dance to the song of the rain and the rhythm of the wind. They quiver with the excitement of a new birth. It feels as though the waters of heaven have come down to give them a new life.

The pain of abuse is washed away by the sweet shower of rain. The pollution and the neglect have now been cleansed, releasing the leaves to shimmer in the sun. The droplets of water clinging on to them seem like they are adorned with diamonds that they maker intended them to always be adorned with.

The rainbows that peep out fleetingly seems to smile with the joy of seeing the Earth renewed and restored to her glory. A perfect moment of joy and purity, before man bedecks her with his smoke, grime and waste.

Do you care about how you treat the Earth? Isn’t she your home , your mother on whose lap you live?  Show her more love , do not let her rot under your waste and neglect. She deserves our love!!

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  • Do you enjoy the sounds of nature?

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  • Do you care about how you treat nature?

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