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The Sooty Chat

These sooty chats are new comers to our area. One sooty chat couple seem to be building a nest in the empty land next to our home.  The male (the one in this picture) is shiny black , while the female is dark brown. The male seems to have a white patch on its wings, which is not seen in this picture.

The song of these birds is sweet, not as silvery voiced as the sunbird but the calls are almost similar. This bird is quite small , maybe about 10-12 cms in length. These birds seem to be coming into my son’s room to collect twine, so I have left a of of them in my plants. The couple near my home seem to be very hard workers. They seem to be flying around all day collecting material for their nest.

The sad part is they are building their nest in a construction site. The construction has stopped temporarily because of the lockdown. I hope that the young ones would be ready to fly away before the lockdown is lifted.

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