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This is a tree I spotted in the park before the lockdown. The tree is not dead, it is just as covered in seed pods which make some lovely music with the winds blowing into them. There is no better music than nature’s music. It is mid summer now and some trees that bloom in early spring have already gone to seed.

This one looked like there were tiny gold coins hanging from it as it was touched by the rays of the sun. I guess when I see it next time after the lockdown  it will be green and  full of leaves once again. Once it starts to rain , by the end of may the leaves will be back and the seed pods would reach new destinations in and around the park.

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  1. i love the sound of the wind moving through trees. It is different in each season, as is the wind. In the spring (in the US) we get strong winds that whip and tear at the leaves. The young fragile leaves clinging to the branch for dear life.
    In the summer we get winds that rustle the leaves as they go about their job.
    In the fall, the leaves hold weakened, the medium wind blows them off.
    Finally, in the winter, the trees talk of leaves gone. The gentle sound of the wind as it caresses branches, a melancholy song of what was.

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