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The secrets of longevity – Part II

Exercise your mind – There is nothing better than keeping your brain active to ward off the negative effects of advancing age. Keep your spirit curious, investigate, read, paint, write, puzzle, garden, have an active social life.

Don’t abuse your medications – It is important that you take them if they have been prescribed by a doctor and it is crucial that you comply with the treatments proposed by the specialists. But taking a sedative every time you have a headache or running to the doctor every time you sneeze can cause you to take unnecessary treatments, will increase side effects and have other associated problems. Avoid panicking and look at yourself from the outside. Remember that in hospitals you also get diseases and infections.

Relax – Chronic stress can decrease the potential of your immune system and contribute to the onset of health problems, such as coronary heart disease and high blood pressure. You can control anxiety by breathing (inhale and exhale deeply) reading, writing, socializing, sports or even using specialized medical help.

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