People have always been trying to encode secrets, love letters, military communication, and portions or complete written pieces of some or other forbidden knowledge. Yet, in spite of the complexity of these conundrums, sooner or later, the bulk of these secret texts had been decoded. 

But one, among all of history’s cryptic writings, has stood out in defiance, this text has for centuries defied every attempt to unveil its intimate secret, the Voynich manuscript, it’s the world’s most mysterious book, written by an unknown author in an absolutely unique singular alphabet and illustrated with enigmatic images. 

What is this secret hidden between these lines? Now, another expert has taken up the challenge who, for the first time will analyze the physical materials used in the creation of the Voynich manuscript. The ink pigments and parchment construction will now offer a key to the Voynich mystery at the headquarters of the US military intelligence service

These experts once succeeded in decoding Japan’s so-called verbal code. William Friedrich Friedman the services director and his team who were some of the world’s best cryptography had all achieved their groundbreaking work between jobs. 

Friedman and his team decoded several other historical cryptic texts of which, one by one, those codes were cracked by them. One ancient text, however, stubbornly defied all attempts to decode it, it is called the Voynich manuscript. Unnerved the cryptographs, after exhaustive attempts, gave up on the only code they were ever unable to crack. 

Questions about the roughly 200 page manuscript with its inexplicable symbols had already been raised for decades. At the beginning of the 20th century, an antique dealer, Wilfrid Voynich, from New York, visited Villa Mondragon near Rome he was looking for precious books.

 In Villa Mondragon, many historical texts from a Jesuit school were stored in one of the trunks, which Wilfrid Voynich was allowed to inspect. It came from the estate of one of the most famous learned men of the 17th century, named, Athanasius Kircher. Among various manuscripts, the trunk also contained a very strange book, which Voynich bought. He ended up, trying to decipher the manuscript for the rest of his life and he died without ever coming close to a solution…

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Written by Andre Hartslief


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