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 What is the secret sauce of good writing? Surely, this is the one fundamental quality all editors of books, manuscripts, and all forms of news copy, etc. have in common, the secret code that guarantees a winner. That certain secret code of really good writing, I believe, lies in the artful use of applying words skillfully, and only after having chosen them with due care and finally, arranging them meticulously for maximum effect.

 In the style of celebrated author, Ernest Hemingway, who believed, fewer words are more. A great writer never wastes words; every word and every word has a function or purpose which is often chosen over other words that may have served almost as well. The way you think, is also the way you will write and also, equally true, is that the way you think, is in all honesty, a reflection of the way you think is also the mark of the kind of person you are. 

Good writing presents what the writer has to say. It does so, effectively it communicates clearly, and it makes reading easy for the reader. Consider these immortal literary gems by the famous author, Walter Lord in, A Night To Remember. “What did you see?” asked a calm voice at the other end. Iceberg right ahead,” replied Fleet.


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