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The Scent of Cleopatra

In an ongoing excavation in the ancient city of Thmuis in Egypt, north of Cairo, they discovered the most famous perfumes of the ancient world. They are called Mendesian and Metopian and it seems researchers have uncovered an ancient perfume factory with tiny glass perfume jars an imported clay amphora. 

Both of the scents consist of myrrh which is a natural resin from a thorny tree. To replicate just the right scent cardamom, olive oil, and a bit of cinnamon have been added. This creates a scent that is strong, spicy and a bit musky. The original ancient scent probably lasted quite a long time.

These scents were probably used by Cleopatra too but she mostly preferred to make her own special perfume which no one really knows how to recreate. A recent recreation was from a mummy of a little Egyptian child and the scent included myrrh and frankincense. The scent was recreated and displayed at the National Geographic Museum at “Queens of Egypt”.  

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  1. I would have loved to see that documentary as I am a history and culture enthusiast. Cleopatra earned her place in history with her beauty (enhanced with kohl and perfume) but also with her elegance and intelligence….


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