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The rocking chair for seniors

I am not fond of going to the mall because my concern is my tired feet. Usually the mall is a big building that walking really makes me tired. And when my feet start to feel pain I had to find a seat that is a rarity in the mall. The food center or a restaurant is the only refuge. That means I have to eat or even buy a drink just to have a seat. The principle of the mall in not having a bench or chair for the shoppers is to make their mall a shopping center and not a park where people will be sitting for hours. That is fine and a good business sense. But what about the tired feet?

Now there is an organization that has a campaign to provide rocking chairs in the mall for the benefit of the seniors. Grandfather and grandmother, you are welcome to sit in these rocking chair. That is a noble idea. However, it looks like a business strategy again since there are only 2 rocking chairs that look like a display. Come on, you are pulling our legs again huh.

  • Do you have a rocking chair?

    • Yes
    • No
    • It was already ruined


What do you think?


Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. I just love these rocking chairs. My rocking chair is a glider type rocking chair but even when seated in it I have to put my feet up. Our shopping malls almost all have seating arrangements for everybody who just wants to sit and take a load off. Most of our shopping malls are also a refuge for seniors to either escape the heat of the summer or the cold of our winters and also just to walk around to exercise… You are welcome to come and visit them anytime…

  2. I don’t have a rocking chair, but I would really love one. I think these shopping malls do need seating for people. The shopping malls here in England mostly have seating areas in them. But when I went to Spain, I noticed there was no seating in the malls there.

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