The Reason for My Previous Posts PT.3

Ok, so since it still seems many don’t understand, the only reason I am posting about these things is that when someone is saying something about you which is not true or is only partially true and is indirectly criticizing you from their own perspective and interpretation of you and manipulating other people’s opinions about you that way, it’s appropriate the other side of the story to be heard and not immediately someone criticized and blamed…

What I unfortunately see is that there is no point explaining things to the people who will never understand and will always see things Their way so that is also one of the reasons why I actually don’t and didn’t want to explain anything to anyone nor I feel pleasant writing about it but some things needed to be said as what was done is also “bullying” as some are constantly trying to point out but somehow always forget that they are also doing such things with their “indirect” writing/criticizing and gossiping about certain things!…

I already said those and some other things are the reasons why I don’t feel pleasant using this site anymore but since there are also some things I would like to say and express my opinion about certain things that were also manipulated or simply some things that might not be correct I might post about it…

The Reason for My Previous Post PT.2

The Coffee Talk… – Judging by the Title and Negativity…

The Reason for My Previous Post

The Reason for My Previous Post

A Question!

The Coffee Talk… – Judging by the Title and Negativity…

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