The Reason for My Previous Post PT.2

Seems that to some people it’s needed to CONSTANTLY REPEAT:

“Be And Let Others Be!”

There are people who were downvoting my comments and my posts a lot lately, and that multiple times the same comment, and used fake profiles to downvote my posts and post negative comments on them, so that is one of the reasons I posted The Coffee Talk… – Is It Allowed to Have More Than One Profile on Virily…? :/!

Like I already said in my previous post(s) A Question! (A Question! (- the correct post!!!), The Correction for the Post(s) “A Question!”) and The Reason for My Previous Post, it was happening even with the things where there was Nothing to downvote – normal comments (and posts), and the comments which were in other people’s posts and where they weren’t even the part of the conversations…!

No one pushes anyone to read something they don’t like, especially not to downvote something where there is nothing to downvote…! The person who downvotes such things obviously has a problem with themselves and Their way of interpreting things and not other people…!

You can’t expect someone who is treated that way not to react…!

And above all, I am fascinated with the hypocrisy where people are against certain things but when they do it “it’s ok”…!

No one has the right to judge anything they don’t understand or know Nothing about, especially when it’s NOTHING of their business but OTHERS.

So I will just repeat:

Be And Let Others Be!

Thank you.

The Reason for My Previous Post

The Reason for My Previous Post

A Question!

The Angry Coffee Talk……… ? – The Overall Virils Number Is Not Correct!!!!!

The Coffee Talk… – Is It Allowed to Have More Than One Profile on Virily…? :/

The Coffee Talk… – Judging by the Title and Negativity…

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