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The PROs and CONs of Sleeping in an Underwater Hotel Suite

Saw an interesting advertisement for an underwater hotel suite and this thought came to my mind.

** You put fish in an aquarium.  Not humans. **

The average everyday person works hard and makes many sacrifices to save enough money to take that once in a lifetime perfect vacation.  Let’s face it!  You might stay in a hotel when you’re on vacation, but you won’t spend most your time in the hotel room!

There are a number of reasons I find an underwater hotel suite very disturbing.

No 1:  What happens if there is a tsunami?

No 2:  How quick could I get out in the  event of an emergency?

No 3:  No way the hotel owner could ever convince me it’s not dangerous.

No 4:  No way I’m sleeping a room like that by myself; which, in my mind, would put another occupant in danger.

No 5:  I can’t swim!  Only an idiot who can’t swim would book a room in an underwater hotel!

The rooms and other parts of the hotels look luxuriously beautiful in the photographs.

That’s the only PRO I can think of. Sorry but everything else is a CON.

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