The proper way of bathing the dog

We regularly bring our dogs to the grooming salon for a good bath during the rainy season. But when the sun is shining brightly on a weekend, we just do the bathing ourselves. At least we know the proper way of bathing the dogs.

First is the wetting of the fur. It should be thoroughly wet before applying the soap or shampoo. Make a lather and rinse it at once. For the second time apply the soap or shampoo after the first rinse. But this time make a lot of lather for 5 minutes before rinsing. That will drive away whatever pests there is. Don’t forget to dry the dog with a dry towel.

  • Do you give your dog a bath every day?

    • Yes
    • No
    • just once a week
    • we have no dog


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Written by Alex Socorro


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  1. Poor doggy looks like he has had enough of the bath. I remember bathing our cat in Latvia. My husband held the cat with gloves on his hand and I wet and shampooed him and then quickly rinsed and wrapped in a towel.

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