We are living in a time of people waking up a little bit,  Most people still don’t know what the real problem is so obviously people like that seem to think that all the problems in the world can be squarely placed at the feet of eternally privileged Caucasians, (white) folks, even more directly, white men!

 Only time will show them about a huge, dirty cover-up that happened in good old U.S. of A, long before any blacks arrived on its shores as indentured, (paid for) slaves. They may even discover, that the origin of the word, SLAVE is derived from Slava or Slavic, meaning White, thousands upon thousands of white- slaves mostly Irish, but also, Scottish, Spanish, Portuguese and a mish-mash of European tribes, all white, hit the American shoreline, chained by the neck, men, women and yes young orphaned children.

There were even special shipments of free white babies, who had been kidnapped, (the term, had a far more sinister meaning back then, more like “nabbing- snatching- homeless white, pre-teen street kids as they slept on sidewalks and under bridges and shipping them off to of the USA about 100 years before any black person ever arrived there.

Bet they didn’t know that, whereas black folks’ forebears were paid for, white slaves were regularly offered to the wealthy gentry, for free, free to rape torture and starve on a whim.

Who knew that in those days as many as 36 Tobacco plantations were entirely BLACK owned and sported a bevy white slaves, even Native American (Red-Indian) owned, you youngsters lament, criticize even judge all manner of white-skinned men, I suggest, you watch this TRUE video history lesson then bury the hate because it is less of an insult to white people and more a blasphemous accusation that God must have erred somewhere and whites need to eternally atone for it.


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