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The positive side of Covid !9

Well don’t get me wrong, Covid 19 is terrible and I have no doubts about it, but even the worst situation can bring some positive effects even if it is unintentional.

Air pollution has reduced drastically, and we are breathing purer air thanks to the number vehicles off the road and almost negligible air traffic.

City workers are enjoy the days of reduced stress due to time spent in commuting to work.

Organizations are discovering the joys of work from home – they are saving loads of money on electricity, housekeeping, cafeteria and travel.

People are buying less , consuming less and wasting less – put it down to non availability of supplies or lockdowns.

Hygiene is getting its rightful place in life. I am washing hands more often, cleaning the door knobs, handles taps and such more often. Good habits are worth cultivating. Β It is said that when you do something for 21 days it becomes a habit, hopefully the world will be a cleaner place after Covid 19.

Social distancing could give people more time to cultivate hobbies and interests. I saw my neighbor taking pictures of my garden today, I have never seen him on the terrace in the last five years I have lived in this house.

Parents are now doing hands on parenting without shipping of their kids to football, basketball, swimming , summer camps etc.

Pet are happier as they see their masters and mistresses at home all day, as they are working from home.

More people are cooking at home and discovering the joys of cooking due to fear of eating contaminated food.

This may also be a opportune time for couples to work on their relationships. It may also generally be a time for catching up with dear ones.

These are some positives, right?


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  1. In some situations the bad always brings the good in us. This is especially when an endemic and pandemic hits a region and the world.
    Another thing is that it aids us to reflect on our lives and how we react towards people or how we treat them.

  2. With us we say that every thing is good … well I remember the case when they announced that in China the most polluted days per day killed 3000 people so this corona virus is innocent of pollution ….. because of viruses in China 3500 people have died … now the situation is much improved and the air is much cleaner … I completely agree with your thinking, dear Dawn

  3. Yes, everything bad has a positive side. Coronavirus is bringing relief to the Earth that was already suffering, a period of rest for nature and the world is really, really positive. But we hope this situation does not last too much and it is going to last too much. There is something funny, a lot of couples are going to enjoy a lot of time together, something that is great but I have read that some couples were divorcing and their divorces have been postponed because of coronavirus so they have to live with a partner they do not want, this is comic really. Perhaps if they spend time together these couples that were divorcing change their minds. Who knows!!!

    • That may be true, Alberto, but conversely I am sure that there are many couples who only succeed in staying together because they spend a lot of time apart. When forced to spend 24/7 together they may find their incompatibilities exacerbated! Oh well, I am happy I do not fall into that category, as both me and my missus have been working mostly from home for years. Keep well!

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