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The Plumbago Hedge

Plumbago capensis is a medium sized shrub with  loads of sky blue flowers. This plant is also called Blue Plumbago, Cape Leadwort, Cape Plumbago. It is a very easy to grow plant as it doesn’t demand much. It doesn’t require a very fertile soil or much watering and can be grown as a beautiful hedge.

All that the plumbago requires is a trimming from time to time to keep it in shape and blooming. The blooms look so heavenly almost as if they brought the sky down to the earth.

I remember my dad hardly watered the plants in summer when there was a limit on water usage. They plants thrived and did quite well even then.

I do not have this in my garden but I am planning on getting a cutting to create a bonsai. I do have loads of plans for my garden but currently there is hardly any space.

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Written by Dawn