The pleasures of autumn

The weather is getting cooler and biting my curious nose. More often we warm-up ourselves by the fireplace romance.

These days I adore cooking because I have more free time – it is better for me than meditation, more precisely, it is my meditation. All thoughts and emotions go away, and only scents, textures, flavors and unexpected combinations become important when creating and inventing new dishes.

I spend more time on books, thoughts, dreams, trips that will be or just dream about.

I push furniture and change a little bit interior at home – my meditation no. 2.

I talk to my neighbors who start bringing me pumpkins and other autumn goodies every year in the fall, drink coffee with them and smile a lot.

So, I drink autumn romance and taste autumn goodies.

More, l think what a beautiful life even with all its grimaces. And beautiful because I created it myself. Because I chose to hear and see what I want to see. Because I attract the people I want to smile with.

For the negatives, I give max 2o% of my thoughts – I can’t ignore it at all; the world is still scary and we do it such ourselves with our actions, greed, stupidity, thoughts. So I have to digest that negative, embrace it, resolve it if I can; to reconcile if I do not have the strength and ability to defeat it.

When you spoke loud or write it down, it makes it easier to cleanse your body like after some intoxication because bad, unspoken, reckless, and indigestible emotions and thoughts are very toxic.

 So, I am glad that I learned all of this; thank you, life, for all the lessons I gave.

© Fortune, 2019

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