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The Pakistani feeding thousands of hunger in the United states

Qazi Manan, who traveled to America with three dollars in pockets from Pakistan, is feeding thousands of Hunger , displace people in united states. He believe that as he was hungry in some time no one else has to be hungry like him.Qazi Manan, a resident of Washington DC,  owned  SAKINA HALAL GRILL Restaurant and it is their policy that if a person comes to the counter with out money and ask for food, he is not denied.

Qazi Manan came to America in 1996, Talking about himself, he said he belonged to a backward village where no electricity neither any sewerage system.His school was also a traditional school set on an open cover.

He said that when he came to America, he had only three US dollars in his pocket, after coming here, the first job he did on the gas station, and then moving ahead. In 2013, he bought this restaurant named “Mayor Kabab House”from a Pakistani citizen. He later named his restaurant ‘Sakina Halal Grill’ on his mother’s name.

He said that the beginning of providing free food was that once a homeless person came to his counter and asking for food prices, he said “I have only three dollar ” According to Qazi Manan, It was the moment of a decision, he told the person that you do not have to pay the food is free for you here.

Qazi Manan says that since then he made the policy that whoever comes here and say that he has no money, without asking any further questions, he should be treated like traditional customers as well and with same respect.

According to Manan, there were 6,000 free meals from here in 2016, which has increased to 16,000 last year. Sometimes he also face financial difficulties but hear it with happy mood. He say there are two main reasons behind serving free meals, One is that when he came to America, he had to pass several times when he did not have the money to eat and remain hungry. So he want that time is not to be seen by anyone else. The other reason is that he want to tell the world that he is an American Muslim and their religion teaches them the welfare humanity, not terrorism.

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  1. Well, I woudn’t consider him a Godly person. I would consider him kind and thoughtful. I have never met him. I know many people who are equally kind and charitable. I don’t ever recall needing to mention their country of origin, race or religion. I do find the way you describe it as interesting.

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