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The Painted Stork

Bird watching is one of my hobbies and I do not mind travelling miles to go see them. The painted storks live near rivers and wet lands. They feed on fish. The pink color on their tail feathers gets them the name the painted storks.

These birds live close to human habitation and can be easily domesticated. However no one ever does that because you would end up with truck loads of crap. The countrysides where the live are painted white , not with paint but with the poop of these birds. The trees are covered in poop as they nest on top of trees. These birds live in huge groups and generally paint the town white.

However, everywhere I went I found that the people loved these birds and they didn’t mind the smell or the filth. These birds are indeed a pretty sight, they are not too scared of people as birds usually are but not too friendly either. They seem to keep away from strangers and visitors.

These birds are usually prey to crocodiles which seem to hang around the places where the painted storks live.

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