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The Other Daily Limits Changed Too………….? :/

In my previous post, No Virils for Opened Polls and Quizzes on My Virils Page!!!, I wrote I wasn’t receiving any Virils for opening Polls and Quizzes after I reached the daily limit for opening “plain” Posts (1 Viril)… 

After Midnight I wanted to check this so I tried opening several Quizzes and Polls and I got Virils for ALL of them… The only conclusion I currently have is that the Daily Limit for Opening Posts, Polls and Quizzes is/will be changed now or is changing (too?)… 

Having in mind what is currently happening with the Daily Limit for Commenting could be both Daily Limits are changing and since the Viril value was lower the previous time the Dashboard updated maybe that could be the reason, but we have to wait and see what is Really going on…………..

The only thing that confuses me is that some users are still getting more than 30 Virils for Commenting which is in contrary to the possible reduction of the Daily Limit(s)…

I will be checking this and let you know…

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  • What do you think…?


What do you think?

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    • No problem, it’s not about the dashboard nor your activity, it’s about the daily limits for opening and commenting posts which are now smaller than they used to be so we can’t earn as we could before… Also, the Viril value is lower now which is making it even worse…

  1. Being 2-years newbie here, I’m still not fully aware on how virils work. I’m aware that I’m too slow at gaining virils. But I always check on the FAQ guidelines, because, as you say, they keep changing. Thanks for this post.

    • I am and now they are reduced as well as the Viril value, not to mention how we are treated by the admins… Not sure I will stay here, I almost completely lost my interest in it…
      Now it will be even slower…
      No, they are not updating the FAQ either…! It hasn’t been updated for a Very Long time………!!!
      You are welcome and thank you for commenting…! πŸ™‚

    • I didn’t know that, I think there are some… :/ And I actually noticed many leaving because of the unprofessionalism of this site… I am not here because there is less ads, I am not interested in that, and especially not for the rare quality of the posts, I am here to promote my art and earn, and the saddest thing is WE, USERS, have to deal and write about the problems on this site and its Functionality, doing the ADMINS’ JOB instead of them and INSTEAD OF WRITING about the things we are here to write about!!!

    • I know, but if their value is too low why investing the effort to earn something then… I count them because I am already spending a lot of my time here and don’t want to spend even more if not earning for that too… It was ALREADY VERY HARD to earn hereso now if the limits are reduced (and I was using ALL of them to earn as much as I can so I could reach the minimum at least once a month – sometimes it takes much more), what will now happen with our earnings when the Viril value is ALREADY very low since the previous time the Dashboard updated………?! It’s like NOW we’ll not be able to EARN ANYTHING………….!!! :/ 😐

    • Ellie…, I must say agree….! And there are so many other things that I would say now but it’s currently SO MANY of them that I have no strength anymore thinking about them….! These changes are appearing constantly that I can not catch them all and ESPECIALLY the consequences of them…….! Currently I’m trying to let it all settle down and then I will write my opinion on ALL OD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐

      I’m not getting enough Virils so I could even ANSWER all the notifications I get not to mention to comment on NEW POST so I apologize for still not visiting you, and previous to this I didn’t have much time to do it because I’m trying to catch up and write about all of it…!!! 😐 But I will, don’t worry, I’m opening and upvoting as the sign I will visit you all…
      Now it seems the daily limit for opening posts is changed too so we can’t do that too anymore and having in mind so low Viril value I don’t know how will we earn Anything in the future…! Not to say I am very much pi**ed at one user who is “fighting for the community” who actually made polls and asked some of the limits to be changed and reduced “for the goodness of our community” so I will “thank him” when we all leave this site and it closes……….! 😐 If THAT is the reason these limits are changing then how can he possibly say he is working for our goodness when we will not be able to gain ANYTHING ANYMORE………!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ………Earnings were already very small and hard to make and now it seems it will be IMPOSSIBLE……….!!!!!!!!! 😐 I’m just hoping all the changes will -improve- the site and the Virils value so I’m waiting to see the final “product” and tell………

      • I also have to add, that in THIS situation edited posts which are now appearing in the Most Commented could really impact the other brand new posts and earnings but I’m still not quite sure about it, I have to think about it a little more… I commented somewhere but not sure where that the best solution would be to make both kinds of posts benefit by different organization of the Most Commented section or implementing a new section but we’ll see……… :// πŸ™‚

        • No worries, I am here for fun, for as long as it is fun though. I only follow the edited posts issue, I am not familiar with the rest of the problems, so I can’t really comment on that. However, I am not sure that anyone actually asked for limits to be reduced, on the contrary. Even if it is, that’s democration. If the majority of people are supporting a change, that’s it. However, on the edited post drama I see a minority that’s loud about it.

        • To be honest with you, I think there should be stricter rules. The truth is that many people are in the gray area by posting many posts each day, writing too many comments on their own posts, posting polls with 1 single question with default answers yes and no, and so on. So maybe try to reduce your comments in your own posts not to give them a reason to accuse you of being dishonest. I know that you are emotional when writing your comments, and you like to add things and thoughts to them, but others may see it as an issues. I always go by the moto that if admins don’t care, then why should I. I only once had an argument with someone, and it wasn’t because they were a cheater (which they were), but because they were insolent, and I was called out as being harsh on them.
          I hate it that now things have escalated into personal attacks.

          • I will just say I am not the only one who does that and I don’t care what anyone thinks when I know my reasons (we all shouldn’t justify ourselves to Anyone, especially not Here…!)…! And I agree about the other issues… I also go by that rule about the admins and that is how ALL users should go and not attacking other people… We actually shouldn’t think at all how this site works and why – that should be on them, unfortunately they are not doing their job right and some users like to be “smart” and acting like they are running this site and not the admins (like Doc for example…) which is actually manipulation and very frustrating…! :|| (I will answer more later…!) Thanks!!! πŸ™‚

          • Now that I can answer everything want to add that I don’t mind some of those things you mentioned, for example when it comes to polls and questions and answers in them – we are not all professional writers or psychologists and there still ARE “personality quizzes” and similar so I think all these different sorts of posts are made more to add fun and variety here so I wouldn’t be that strict about such things… Also when it comes to the number of posts, I do mind it sometimes but not always… After all, everyone can do whatever they like and, after all, like the posts editing, 8-10 posts ARE allowed (the limit) to post daily……..

            PS (to add to the already written reply here) What others see as “issues” should really be their problem… I don’t want anyone to interfere my creativity and if they see it that way I guess it’s their problem……… 😐 Like you said in one of your comments, I think it’s because they see it as their “loss” while not looking at the good sides of it nor freedom of speech and thinking… πŸ˜‰

            Maybe you were harsh…….. ;/p) πŸ˜€

      • I don’t say that you have to justify yourself, but we are a community that depends on each other, and I don’t like that you are involved in trouble. Many users feel uncomfortable about it too, so I am just giving you my point of view. I hope you don’t take things too personally. πŸ™‚

        • If I don’t have to justify why saying things like that then… No one should mind it then, right…
          We are not a community…, we are separate people on a blogging site who should all look out for themselves and think only about themselves when it comes to our actions here and go by the rules of the site that admins put! No one should attack anyone and I was attacked so I fought… Now, that they all impacted me with their Negative way of thinking now I’m the guilty one… Well things don’t work that way……….! Now, I don’t care…

          • No one should be uncomfortable because of other people’s personal problems nor should be interested in them in the first place, it is Their problem they like to stick their nose into such things – that shouldn’t interest them, not mine…

          • We are a community because our virils depend on each other. We don’t get virils from outside views. I don’t like it when you are attacked either, that’s why I gave you my piece of advice. I am not going to comment on this topic anymore. Sorry if you think I am sticking my nose, I had good intentions.

        • I wasn’t talking about you (sticking a nose) but about the ones who do…

          We are a community if we are looking at things personally, and we don’t depend on anyone… We don’t earn from outside but our posts are shared and visited from outside as blog posts…………. .

          I will answer the other things you said above later like I said, this way actually meant as a quick answer…

        • When you said “trouble” I didn’t mean these current issues but some other personal ones which some users read and then they judge – that is what I meant by “sticking a nose” and didn’t mean you…
          But if you meant the current issues (editing posts and similar), like one user said, we can’t please everyone and, after all, there are many who don’t agree so………. 😐 I think such users should just be ignored, but I mind when they are “ruling the masses” with their thinking they are expressing in their posts while when you are defending yourself and comment in such posts then your comments get reported and deleted… Not sure it’s fair from admins, such posts should actually not be allowed – when they speak about certain people………!!!!

          • What I meant is that sometimes people open a post without knowing that there will be insults between members, so they aren’t technically sticking their noses. And sometimes they (including myself) try to give (probably unwanted) suggestion on how to calm things down, because personal attacks spoil the atmosphere for everyone.

            Sadly, if people don’t want to listen, they won’t hear you whatever arguments you use. I am not sure how reporting comments works here, and why a comment that’s not breaking the rules would be removed. At this point, I don’t really care. Just ignore the people who are unpleasant to you, as you said, you don’t depend on them,or better block them so you don’t watch things that upset you.

        • OK, I understand… But that happens when you read other people’s comments… I was never reading them before and started when I noticed people talking about ME…!

          It’s simple…: -Unfairly-…! I wrote “I agree with you…” in Doc’s post and he reported it and they removed it while left some other more “problematic” ones…
          I want things to be fair and such people not to be allowed to write about other people and pointing fingers at them… I never did that until they did it first or if they did something to me personally………!
          They already blocked ME but still writing about me and manipulating other people through that……!!!!!!!!! And that is actually against the rules but admins are not reacting on that (I wrote them and sent them posts million of times!!!) and delete comments if I complain in the referred article – even when I’m actually Just Realistic and Reasonable…!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Now that our earnings will probably be very low nothing is worth it anymore here……….!

          PS I hope you saw my other replies above………

          • I saw them but I can’t always find the reply button. You said something that we are not profesionals, that’s true but we still have to be responsible what you write. And about the polls, I meant we are just lazy. One simple question with default answers is very lazy and may mean that the person just wants to exploit the poll format for virils. Anyway, I am not a moderator, just my opinion.

            If you are blocked, how do you see their
            posts and comment? I am confused.

        • Yes, I know, I just meant if you noticed and read them… You can answer anywhere where there is the reply button if you have something to say, or just say everything in 1 comment…
          I think you are exaggerating… I don’t think it’s lazy if someone doesn’t put any other answer besides yes and no in polls, some questions do have only yes and now answers and maybe those people who are writing those posts are not smart enough to do it differently too… Also, polls questions are not working well so it’s really bugging to do it differently… When it comes to writing, I still say not all of us are professional writes or at good at it (there are Other sites which require that and better writing and they can be used for that)… It would be too much if such users wouldn’t be allowed to use this site for that, not to mention the admins’ irresponsibility and unfairness in so many situations now…

          Heh… Because that is another thing admins didn’t do right… I can see and comment their posts but they can’t see nor comment mine (if that person who blocked me told the truth… :/)… πŸ˜€ ;/D 😐

          • But you never know… Maybe they will raise standards although not sure who will write here then since now it will be very hard to earn Anything here… It’s just that when they don’t do things right it looks like some things are not important but then they change that or react on something in contrary to that so it’s not quite fair if we get punished for Their irresponsibility… And unfortunately I also don’t find them quite smart too, I have to say… 😐

    • LOL It could be like that. We really need admins to be more active on the platform, like actually reading, posting and commenting along with us. At least one “moderator” that wanders around, collects complaints that appear in these posts and calms the members down when conflicts arise.
      Most arguments are about the way the site is managed, after all, not about personal matters. We can discuss as much as we want but we need an active authority, something official that we should all respect. We’re like living in anarchy at the moment.
      Unfortunately, the staff is small, but I would probably accept being paid less if the revenues were invested into better management. Now it feels like we’re like being paid less for nothing in return.

      • I agree with you… All these problems and our personal conflicts are due to Their irresponsibility… I told them that when it came to the conflicts with you-know-which-users… Of course, they are not answering, deleting my comments in their posts and allowing them to act the way they want to, pointing fingers at users! I don’t remember I ever wrote about how they act here unless they spoke about me or did something bad personally to me…! It’s like all the “rules” are Reversed here………! I actually doubt editors are reading conversations when deleting comments not having a clue of the context… Or they are just playing being “innocent” since they are Never answering those complaints… !

        Which “moderator” did you mean………? ://///

        We are now being paid less for taking their irresponsibility and humiliation………

        • I also wonder if editors read the posts they approve. You were recently verified so it’s no longer the case, but when you used to wait for approval you still wrote posts that mentioned issues related to the site, conversations that took or didn’t take place with the admins. It’s quite odd they hardly ever react to that. πŸ˜…
          I meant a moderator who’s officially part of the staff, like those you find in forums or chatrooms. It’s like an admin without full rights, the main purpose is to mediate between users, make sure rules are being followed and clarify about site-related matters.
          At the moment we must rely on admins that hardly ever reply to our queries and, when they do, their answers are very generic and often useless.
          I would blame it on the lack of staff, like not enough personnel around, but I understand it takes money and I don’t want to be nosy wondering about their current finances. There might be things we don’t want to hear. πŸ‘€

          • It seems like they sometimes don’t because recently they approved posts in Slovenian, Spanish, with lots of mistakes and similar… :”DDDDDDDDD That is correct (and don’t make me to write about that verification and I wanted to… Now I’m not sure if I should write about it nor anything about this site anymore because it became not worth it….! 😐 )…….. Hmmmmmmmmmm, I don’t know……… It was never the problem to write about it even though I think some members complained about it and I was told by the admins we can write whatever we want at that time… But later a couple of my posts were put to drafts because there were some incorrect info in them at that time (about some current problems) and once when I commented some kind of users’ behavior was selfish and asked about that in the Poll (but interestingly enough she is allowed to comment other users’ behavior the Way she Wants……….!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😐 ), so I had to edit them with the correct info and put out that “selfishness thing” but it was weird because it never happened before and it looked like there was a new editor who didn’t know “the rules”, ahahahahahahahahah………………!!!!! ;D Not that they told me what to put out when it comes to judging users but I “guessed” it was that…

            Yes yes, I didn’t read the context properly… That will never happen…! They don’t care, they just said “please don’t argue with other users” on my numerous complaints about them being completely unfair!!!!!!!!!! They are not answering my questions they are Ignoring them and the only thing that answer on that is “please don’t argue with other users”…

            I once asked them if they are hiring they said not at the moment…………….. Who knows what’s behind but so many things are completely Humiliating and Unfair – actually against the FAQ!!!!!!!

  2. I think the limit for polls is just as mentions in FAQ – 100/days, as well as for quiz.
    So, in total, we can have 200 virils from both.
    But one thing I noticed is that the slot for read articles also included in those 200.

    • I actually and completely agree…! It is completely unacceptable we are not notified about these things nor the bugs…! I also don’t like one user is “collecting” users’ “wishes” while not all users are voting in his posts – including me, and sends those posts to the admins so could be these changes are even made because of his posts…! I actually don’t know why are the admins even listening to him when all his requests are against our gain here!!! I don’t know where it’s going with reducing all the limits and who will stay on the site then when the earnings are already petty!!!!!!!!………

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