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The Oldest JFK Statue

The oldest statue of the 35th U.S. President John F. Kennedy can be found in Kennedy Memorial Park in McKeesport, Pennsylvania is a nine-foot-tall bronze statue of JFK. It is located in a small park and lays claim to being the world’s first full-body JFK statue and also being the oldest.

 It was unveiled in February 1965. Back in mid-October of 1962 JFK gave a speech here and the wooden rail around his speaker’s platform collapsed because the crowd got too enthusiastic wanting to shake his hand.

The artist of this sculpture is sculptor Bryant Baker. Over time the statue started blackening with age and a bronze wash was applied to the face and hands. As a result of which the statue of JFK made it appear that his face and hands were made of gold.

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  1. I was old enopugh to remember his shooting, I was a young teen and remember feeling shocked by his death. I only ever saw him on the news but not in person. The statue is a lasting memory and I would love to see it although I am in the UK.