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The New Scrolling Effect of a Virily Page / a Virily Malfunction POLL

Hi all!!!

I’m really trying to start writing about something else, but Virily doesn’t stop surprising us with some new implementations on the site… That said, at one moment two days before it looked to me like they implemented the new effect when scrolling a page, the “smooth” and “sliding” scrolling which “echoes” but now I’m not sure anymore if that only appeared to me that way because now it looks the same as always….. Checking notifications was already very confusing and at that moment (at least for me), even though it would be a nice esthetic implementation, it practically looked even worse, like it would take even more time to find the related notifications… Luckily, it was maybe only my wrong observation at the time…

But there is also something else… When you click on a notification it doesn’t lead you to the actual comment (reply) instead it leads you somewhere above itΒ andΒ in the middle of some other comments,Β therefore you have to scroll the answers (replies) yourself and find it – if you manage…!!! (At first it looks like you are at the right answer but after the page loads completely it goes somewhere up…). I thought it was due to this “new scrolling effect”, but now that it looks that it only appeared to me like that at that moment, I don’t know why is this happening…

Have you noticed this…..?

Note: The cover photo is my own photo therefore not allowed for use. It is also one of the photos from myΒ post Photos from Another Coffeeshop, take a look for more photos there…

  • Did you notice the new scrolling effect at one point?

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  • Do you have the same problem with notifications?

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    • Yes, I agree with you and have the same problem, I would like to visit and “reward” more posts but just checking and answering all the notifications is very much time consuming that it makes commenting new posts very rare. :/
      I think it got better now, when it comes to bouncing of the page… ;/ πŸ™‚ Thank you!!! πŸ™‚

  1. Were I as focused on complaining, I could point out how his site is so wonky it sometimes makes the pages bounce around to the point that navigating it is damn-near impossible and it annoys me to such an extent that I consider just chunking my phone into the face of the next America-hating immigrant I hear griping about how awful we Americans are.

    I could.

    But I won’t.

    • Hahahahaha, yes, I can understand your opinion….. ;D …And I agree it sometimes really bounces a lot!… πŸ™‚ I’m just not sure why it is set that way now, but I noticed it on some other sites too… Probably like one other user below said, some sites do it because of the ads, so people would click more on them…

  2. I don’t know whether it’s a bug or intentional, but the effect is that the pages keep jumping up and down while you are trying to read or find comments. But at least that annoying bottom ad is gone today. I’m encouraged that their may be site improvements ahead, but it may be a while before the bugs are gone and the site settles down.

    • Yes, I was wondering the same thing, especially after one user below told me some sites do it intentionally to make you pay attention on ads, but we are not led to ads that way… Yes, exactly!… Hehehe, yes, but we also don’t know is it a good or bad thing… Yes, that is my thought too, was just about to write the same thing…! Some changes or improvements, but only they know it, hehehe… πŸ˜‰

    • Yes, this is something that confused me quite a bit when it first started happening. It is intermittent, but I am sure they will have it fixed soon. In the short time I have been here they have been very responsive to this sort of thing.

      • Thank you for commenting, I’m not sure if it is a bug anyway, one other member commented below about it too and said it could be something about ads, and I thought it isn’t until now when the page actually really positions itself on ads after loading completely after commenting…

        Really…? You were lucky cause they are rarely answering our complaints lately… Where did you write them…?

  3. I noticed it as well but have come to realize we have to roll with whatever happens. Since we still continue with no communication form the moderators/admin or whoever is in charge, we are sort of left on our own to figure it out. So I just move on if I see something that looks weird. Hoping it will change.

  4. Overall I think my goals for the site have changed. Now, I am trying to have fun and not worry about the issues.

    It is frustrating I know, but the reality of software development is that it takes time to get things right.

    • That is good, and something I’ve always talked about you should do…! ;))) I gave up on some things too, but when something like this happens I just can’t not to react… It really starts getting annoying, pffff….. :/ :||

      Good to know that, it is relaxing, and I hope that is the situation here… :/

        • Hehehe πŸ™‚ Yes, of course, that IS the actual thing we should only be concerned of and entertained with… πŸ˜‰ That IS the thing that interests me here the most so… πŸ™‚
          It would only be easier if there would be fewer flaws that are unfortunately constantly happening….. :/

          • The community is everything. I think the bugs are slowly going down. Most of those who consistently cheat seem to have moved on. Virily may yet survive!

        • I can understand that… That is great. Although there are still some serious very old problems that are not solved yet, like the problem with photos (in old posts), even though I was said by Natalie that it will surely have to be fixed…! That is really frustrating…! 😐
          Also, I noticed some other “new” people high in the ranks also without real activity (at least it seemed like that to me when I’ve checked before…)…
          Also, I noticed there are some profiles that don’t do anything except posting “real serious content”, in a “general” format, something like advertising other sites; they are not active at all but constantly new profiles of such people and posting show up… The same/or very similar kind of posts Virily Editor and some other admins and users post… And at one time there were also tons of new users which didn’t do anything on the site except following other people… I was said by the admin everything was ok then… So, I kind of have a theory, that this site need some special kind of activity, or posting, like I described above, in order to exist (maybe…..? :/)… I could be wrong but it looks to me like such content is needed on the site, maybe in order to exist… What you think…?

          • First, those who bend or break the rules to gain Virils don’t deserve to continue (we had this argument before). I am a firm believer in the concept of managing my posts.

            In part that is why I am so adamant about false or fake comments.

            As for the users that appear to post nothing and move up the ranks, that is one I don’t really know why. I thought a couple of them were going to go away when they cleaned out the last big “cheat” but a couple are still around.

            I guess the end game is for me at least, I continue to believe that I need to do the right things, and I am not going to worry about other people. Those who choose to benefit without really participating miss out on the great community we’ve built!

        • I didn’t mention anyone who is breaking the rules, that is not what I was talking about except maybe 1 possible fake profile in the ranks and I just mentioned it because you mentioned such things, that there are still some, at least I think so…..

          No, I said they are posting serious professional articles and do it from different profiles, but don’t do anything except that, don’t engage with other people’s posts or anything like that… It just looks like they are there to promote some firms or something like that… Even the Virily Editor does that same (or just similar) thing when posting articles…

          Of course, but it is their right not to participate, everyone can choose what will they do here, not everyone wants to be “a part of the community” and they are not breaking any rules if only watching other people’s posts and similar… There are also people who only post but never comment nor reply, which I must admit pretty annoys me cause people and me too are always commenting on their posts, but, well, ok…..

          • I’ve noticed that, but not sure what the impact of that is currently. I will check that out and get back when I have had time to think through it.

          • It all fits into a neat little bucket of doing the right things. It does seem there are a few people that have moved onto the lists without a significant number of posts. However, I have noticed a couple of them comment and upvote pictures frequently. It does seem to be a very interesting issue…

        • And it could also be they are doing nothing wrong, there are different ways of earning points here… Although some things can be suspicious…

          I was actually talking about something else, about those “professional” profiles and never mentioned they earn a lot, just concluding such profiles exist and that maybe Virily is a site which actually supports and needs such things in order to exist… We can’t “judge” by “our criteria” what is right and what is wrong, they might have their own criteria for existence…..!! – I’m not talking about profiles that earn by hacking but something else…..

          • Blog sites like this have three kinds of users (for the sake of argument limiting this to three). Professional content creators, casual content producers and people interesting in reading and consuming things other produce (there are other types as well beyond this but easier to just list the three).

            Based on that it would be expected to have people floating amongst those categories (and a few others). For example in the past sites like this, focused more on photographers.

            Reality is people use the site in the ways that help them.

        • There is a misconception, again…..!:

          You asked about the “special treatment” and I said no, I think there could also be regular ways of earning (like views, comments and referral sign-ups and similar) even though it sometimes seem some people fake Virils it doesn’t have to mean they actually do…!

          And I don’t understand your question….. Yes, it is important because you didn’t understand who and what I am talking about…! You were constantly replying like I was talking about some people who fake their points and about the “special treatment”, while I was just talking about those “professional” profiles and never said they fake Points…

    • No, it is not a virus (I think), it is just something that happened, we don’t know what, and now it doesn’t load properly… :/ It is starting to be very annoying and time-consuming, like we’re not already spending enough time here….. :/ :|||

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