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The National Flower ~ Macro Monday

These are just jasmine flower buds sprinkled on my father’s grave. In my country, the buds of jasmine, besides jasmine, are one of the important flowers for various rituals or traditional ceremonies. We did not sow it as people used it but formed it as a cross.

Some other flowers that are often used for various rituals and ceremonies are white magnolia or cempaka (Kantil – Javanese), ylang flowers, tuberose, common jasmine, and white and red roses. As a term for various ritual purposes, in general, all of these flowers are often referred to as the flowers of seven kinds. The two special ones of those seven flowers are jasmine which is the national flower of my country and white magnolia which is considered to have a magical element where this flower in a seven kind flower group is a symbol so that someone has a strong spiritual soul by always remembering the Supreme God.

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  1. I love the aroma of jasmine. I did not know he was the national flower of your country. In Bulgaria the national flower is the rose. There is a rose valley and lots of rose oil and other cosmetic products are produced.

  2. I’m not sure Italy has a national flower. I found the lily, symbol of aristocracy and of Florence, the city where our language and most of our culture (arts and literature) comes from.
    The strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo, not the plant that makes strawberries) is thought to be another plant for this country because of its colors (green leaves, white flowers and red fruit). I think the lily is most likely to be the one.
    Chrysanthemum is the flower of the dead, while the flowers of the orange fruit are commonly used for weddings.

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