The myth of the balete tree

The Balete tree is also known as Ficus. It is popular in the rural areas particularly in the mountainous areas because it is easy to grow. Birds eat the small fruits like red berries when ripe and they scatter the seeds hence the propagation is quick. A grown Balete tree has roots hanging from the branches down to the ground. It has an eerie look that the tree has been the subject of so many horror stories.

One legend is a spirit that lives in the tree would mesmerize the hunter in the mountain. The spirit loves birds so the bird hunters of old would always fall to the magic of the spirit when the hunter takes a rest under the Balete tree. But obviously, the birds love the tree because of the berries that it produces during summer. And even if the Balete is now a popular ornamental tree, the legend would always remain.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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