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The most comfortable means of travelling

As the world progressed, many new means of travel has been invented. Now we can travel from the one part of the world to other part in just few hours through modern aeroplanes. Most comfortable buses, coaches, and cars are also available to travel from one city to another city. But i will say that the travelling means which is invented in 1804 and we call it “Train or Railway” is the most comfortable and exciting source of travel.

The last time i travelled through the train was back in 2002, 2003 but i still remember how exciting that was.

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    Have you ever traveled through the railway.?

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    • That’s cool that you live in Leicester. Leicester City is playing well. I know that everyone in Leicester must be talking about Jaime Vardy’s wife being a leak to the British tabloids.

      • I was in the city all day today – I don’t think I heard anyone talking about it!

        (I don’t live in Leicester itself, but a village about 10 miles west that is connected by an excellent bus route)

  1. I had a lot of short trips inside my country and inside other countries, but only one long one from one country to another. It was when I was young, and we traveled with my sister and her husband to Moscow from our country, Lithuania.

  2. My wife and I, along with our young children, traveled round-trip between Chicago and New York in 1984. It was wonderful. My twin daughters were 6 years old at the the time and had plenty of room to play.