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The Missing Drafts Problem…

First, to be clear…, it’s not only the Drafts and Posts that are missing in the More section of the Profile Menu… There are several other sections that are missing there too…! I read some “suspicions” this is happening because of the “editing problem” which is actually “the Most Commented” problem but we can’t be sure of that because:

– first, not only the Posts and Drafts are missing in the More section…,

– and second, I heard Notifications were missing at one point too last night although I haven’t noticed anything happened with mine…!

So the admins are obviously (/probably) working on something either fixing or changing things… If it’s the Editing thing – actually the Most Commented thing they are changing I won’t mind it as long as we can Edit our posts… – I will only mind if we will not be able to Edit our posts anymore, but when it comes to the Most Commented “problem” some people are complaining about I won’t mind it… 

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What do you think?

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  1. I agree. It was obvious new bugs would appear with an update, we’re no longer ordinary users/authors but beta testers. Things will keep on changing and we’ll be frustrated until harmony is restored. I’m not motivated to be around while these fixes take place, as patches bring new bugs and so forth.
    It might as well be something external, some issue with, I don’t know, hosting or something alike.I’m not an expert, so whatever. 😌
    I won’t forget about the time some users were unable to create posts, though I wasn’t affected by it myself. This time, I was affected by notifications being gone. 😅
    The “Most Commented Edited Posts” thing was likely to not be voluntary, they might be willing to fix it anyway. I don’t know how many people care, but I’m certainly more concerned about the posts that don’t appear on profiles (not the most recent on the first page, but those that are supposed to appear on page #2) than edited posts being… uhm… “overpowered”.

    • I hope you saw my previous comment in that other post…, seems you were right, the upvote notifications WERE missing…, I just didn’t notice because I had so many other notifications so I apologize…!!! ;/) I did notice later…

      Hahaha, seems so dear Sab…! 😉 😀 Yes, I understand you and agree, there will probably be more although this one was actually fixed very quick! 🙂 I agree “patches” bring new bugs and so forth and yes, they appeared at some users when this was fixed so some of them don’t see the Edit button now… (it was thankfully not removed btw but check out my newest article about it if you manage, the Delete button is now removed/missing… 😐 )
      Yes, I agree, we can’t know what’s the reason… 😐
      Hahahahahhahaahah……….! 😀 I heard about that issue but I also heard a “theory” it was actually due to “the check” of those users because Almost all of them became Verified after that, so can’t be sure why that was actually……….. ;/||| I also heard “a user” Suggested a couple of them too, AND a brand New User became one Too… (which I heard is against the rules although I can’t find those rules anywhere on the site…! :|||) I also don’t understand why one new user became one and the other, very similar one when it comes to posts didn’t… :/ 😐
      They didn’t “fix” it…, it’s the same as it was before this problem… I agree, that should be certainly fixed and I mentioned that in my newest post too…! I do agree the Most Commented could be “fixed” or organized differently when it comes to edited posts (I have a “special” treatment on that one preparing… – take a look at my Other newest article) because I would like to be able to “re-post” my not-that-much-noticed posts and not being criticized for being on the Most Commented list for that… 😐

        • Yes, everything is back thankfully……… (just so many other things are missing now…………. (you know what I think) 😐 )
          I heard a user (you know which one……………..! 😐 ) suggested some of the users for it and that some rules were broken by the admins – making a new member verified…

  2. I just hope it doesn’t get any worse. These changes are huge at one time. It hasn’t changed as much in 3 years as it has in a week. I have no notice who has viewed my posts. Notifications come for comments only. I apologize to all members if I “miss” one. I’ll try to find myself another way to look at your posts.

    • Ah……… I don’t know if there will be more but seems they are constantly working on some things… The problem is there are also some new bugs appearing along the way which will hopefully also be solved… Yes, I agree… At least we hope they will fix all the problems now…
      I didn’t know what you meant when you told me notifications were missing and I didn’t notice my were missing too but later I noticed… Thankfully they were back later when all these problems were fixed… Well, I’m usually looking all the ones that are usually visiting me as well as the ones I like but I am also glad to know who visited and upvoted my posts so I can pay more attention when visiting posts too… 🙂

  3. What are they doing … since updates are just crap … what they do is doing us harm … now you also don’t see who opened your post unless you comment … sometimes you knew exactly who looked at your post

      • I have some that are specifically for Christmas. If I am not able to reach them soon, they will be useless until next year. I am not even blaming admins, I think it’s because those who complained about the edited posts. They won’t have to worry about being in trending, because there won’t be that many users left on the site soon!

        • Hahahahahhahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Ellie, hahhahhhaa, you are so right, that is what I thought so too much earlier, hahaahhaahahh!!!!!!!!!!!!! :”DDDDD You are hillarous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :”DDDDD I thought you were against editing too looking at your latest comments on that theme but glad if you actually weren’t… And I completely agree with you on this…
          I am sorry this is happening to you and I hope it will be fixed soon too…!!! I just hope they won’t make a mess of it and erase them…!!!

          • I have never been against editing, and I edited a couple of my posts too. It’s a useful tool, it just depends how you use it.
            I wanted to try preventing a bigger mess, but it was a waste of time. I hope that things get fixed soon, but at this point I am not an optimist. 🙂

          • Unfortunately, I don’t know it either. I remember that in the past when certain section was missing, there were people who came up with urls to reach them directly. I tried a few things, but nothing worked. 🙁

        • PS I am not I understood some things well… I also read your comments in Illeana’s post… You said you “wanted to prevent a bigger mess”, what did you actually mean by that…? :/ I saw your comments on exploiting the edit option and I think that is why they complained too – because I was kinda accused for that about one of my posts, but then, other people edit too and get in the most commented that way so maybe you actually meant that…?

          • Basically, I was hoping that people will stop complaining and creating a bigger problem than it is, which could result in people insulting each other, leaving the site permanently, or what happened and I suppose is related to that – whole sections disappearing.

            I personally have not accused you, first, because I don’t care who is in trending/most commented, and secondly, because you don’t even post much. I don’t really follow everyone’s behaviour here either, but I am sure people take advantage of every situation, and I only explained why other members see this as a problem or duplicate content (I personally don’t care). Ironically, an edited post doesn’t benefit much, but those posts that complain about virily are always on top. 😀

        • Heh… Yes, it doesn’t work, I tried some possible ones now… It actually never even came to my mind because this is not a bug but I think they removed those pages to work something on them…

          PS Have you seen my other comment above…?

        • Oh, yes, ok… That is what I thought you actually meant but at first didn’t understand… I thought it was about a bigger mess when it comes to posting edited posts (like many actually think about it……… 😐 )… 😐 I don’t think whole -different- sections AND notifications are/were missing due to that…

          It’s ok, I didn’t mean you did… I know some people do look there (I actually started doing that just recently and mostly because of the Virily problems and the articles referred to THAT!…) but when you actually mentioned “exploiting” it does actually referrs mostly to that Most Commented section, because that is their main problem here – not that much someone’s posts are in the Latest again because this “takes away Their “fame and gain”” you know… 😐 ;/)
          Exactly!!!!!!!!!! And they seem not to be even aware of that…!!! They seem only to be noticing other people’s mistakes and never look at their own…! It looked like you were actually expressing your own reasons against it, at least that is how I understood it… Hahaha, yes, that is what I’m trying to explain as well as that I’m not even posting much………! If I didn’t post a new post and I think not many people saw the info I shared I would sometimes re-post that same post, but I do write about Virily currently so it’s kinda important… Also, yes, those posts are mostly at the top of the most commented because we are all very much frustrated here and probably many people are also curious… I “used” that to inform all the people when it was something very important and I also couldn’t write it differently at that time but also felt bad because I didn’t like my post was there all the time, it was too much but also very useful all the people to be informed… But, yes, that post probably earned less than I would earn if I posted a separate post for each update which would also be ridiculous in the terms of the “complete post” – it was based on updated notes…

          • We just need a moderator who is paid to do only that. Members who create content should not be moderators or act as such, because they are still subjective.

        • I agree with you… But I also don’t agree at the same time because I noticed even the editors are subjective in a way and not understanding some things correctly when for example deleting reported comments… But I agree maybe there should be some moderation and no one would nor COULD complain if something was stated as the official rule…
          That is the problem, we, users, instead of minding our own business and the things we came here – to write about interests, have to write and deal with such things, the things that Admins should care about and solving them – NOT US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I’m like, give me “my payment” now for doing your job sometimes………! >:|

        • Exactly………..!!!!!!!!! 😐 I think we all care about our interest here first but I don’t like we are kinda “bullied” because of that… I never complained about their 3-10 posts a day while they were Verified users and I was not… So now when such things happen it “doesn’t matter” our posts were at the bottom of the list because of Their posts………? :/| No one even thinks of that obviously (and there was often some rubbish published there and that is the person who complains the most here actually………!)… 😐
          And there are always the same people who will always see the negativity in some things even when they aren’t and criticize other people for that…!!!

        • That is The Best thing to do – IGNORE THEM, and I would soooo gladly do that but I don’t like the fact they are trying to manipulate the whole site with it, then sending admins all that info like we asked or wanted it and then they do all those changes we actually didn’t want!!!… That is why I’m so “loud” about it… :||| I would gladly just enjoy my time and creativity here and not worry about the fools but it’s impossible because of all of their “attacks”…………..!!!!!!!!! :||

          • This site should not be Run by Users but Admins…, and when I write about Virily I only write about the things that are really problems made usually by Admins – not users and such things, unless if it’s regarding some personal attacks or similar…

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