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The mint patch

When I bought a mint in a plastic pot, the roadside vendor said that it is very easy to grow. Just transplant the mint on the ground and it will multiply fast. True to those words, the mint started occupying free space when I transplanted it on the ground. Since it can overrun the other plants so I moved the mint into a small patch of its own. The mint multiplied and occupied the entire patch.

As an experiment, I planted a strawberry right on the mint patch. But I did the monitoring for I don’t want to strawberry to be killed. Whenever the “runners” of the mint would grow to the direction of the strawberry, I would trim it with the scissors. The “runner” is like a thin branch where the baby mint grows from. Now it’s been more than a year that the strawberry and mint are co-existing in that small patch.

  • Have you seen a mint plant?

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    • No
    • I only see it on the plate in the restaurant


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Written by Alex Socorro

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