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The Lone Bird – Black and white challenge with a difference

Today for the Friday Black and white challenge I wanted to share this picture of a lone bird on a dead tree. I decided to write a very short for this challenge. A black and white challenge with a difference.

The lone bird

A bird sang sweetly sitting on the trunk of a dead tree. He knew that he had exposed himself to the vultures all around, but he needed his two minutes of glory. He desired that his song be heard and his face be seen by the rabble. He longed to be loved and adored. He yearned to be wanted.

The other birds looked at him sadly. They knew he was loved, they knew that he sang better than most  but he didn’t know that. He deeply hungered for praise and adulation, but no one had time for such things. They all had a life to live and they were busy living it.

“It could be his swan’s song.” said one. Precisely at that moment a vulture swooped down and, in a flash, flew up into his nest. No sweet songs were heard anymore from that dead tree trunk.

  • Does writing a story make the black and white challenge more interesting?

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What do you think?

Written by Dawn


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